TODAY   |  March 16, 2014

Amazon delivers a price hike for Prime membership

Some customers are threatening to walk away after the news that the price of Amazon's Prime membership, which gives customers unlimited, free, two-day shipping and access to streaming video, will jump to $99. NBC's Ron Mott reports.

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>> out there for some customers. the wildly popular online shopping company is jacking up the price of its prime membership. as ron mott tells us, loyal customers are not happy.

>> reporter: consumers can be a fussy lot, balking, at times revolting to changes in be loved products and services. ask coca-cola which dared to tweak flavors in the '80s, for netflix which tried to split its dvd rentals and streaming video to great dismay.

>> netflix is getting slaughtered by its own price hike.

>> reporter: now it's amazon's turn. the online retailer says it's raising the cost of its prime membership for movies and kindle ebooks fr ebooks for the first time from $79 to $99. sarcasm to pay more.

>> $99 that's prit pricey.

>> reporter: support is out there, too.

>> they have to make a profit, also. they're giving you free shipping.

>> reporter: the noise coming from wall street so far is mostly joyful. amazon's stock has climbed since the announcement.

>> they can keep a solid chunk of their 25 million prime customers, that's an additional $20 on each one of those accounts. that's going to add direct tloi the bottom line.

>>> amazon is in the middle of a crowded field for online video subscribers including competitors like comcast and hulu owned by nbc's parent company . considering the angst amazon has stirred up, rumor has it they're looking to join the streaming tunes business which could be music to many people's ears.