TODAY   |  March 15, 2014

Investigators descend on home of Malaysia Airlines pilot

With the news that the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was intentionally diverted, officials are now looking to the crew and passengers for answers. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> armed with this new information, there appears to be an increased police presence outside the home of the plane's pilot today. keir simmons is in kuala lumpur with more on that. keir, good morning.

>> reporter: hey, lester, good morning. that's right. while this news conference was taking place with the prime minister here, shortly afterwards, police arrived at the pilot's house, and there are reports that they were searching the pilot's house. malaysian police arrived at the gated community where the pilot of flight 370 lives this morning. two hours later, investigators left. they will be looking into who might be involved with the disappearance of flight 370. but the focus is on everyone on board, including passengers. during the crucial first hour of the flight, there would be an opportunity to break into the cockpit, despite security precautions.

>> if there were to be a real takeov takeover, that would be the time where the crew members would be moving in and out to serve the cockpit their drinks.

>> reporter: the flight's captain, sahiri shah, in his 60s, very experienced, logged 13,000 hours. his co-pilot, age 27, relatively new with 2,800 flight hours. the key question, who else on board could fly a 777? who might have had a motive to commandeer the aircraft and for what purpose? and if the plane was hijacked, where was it going? there were prayers for flight 370 at the co-pilot's local mosque. friends here call him quiet, a respectful man living with his parents in this middle-class home.

>> very nice man. he comes, goes to work, and then when he comes back, he greeted me hello.

>> reporter: less is known about the pilot, seen here in home improvement videos. he has a flight simulator at home, a man dedicated to flying. but malaysian officials here aren't telling us much more than that. and just a few hours ago, another press conference planned here was dramatically canceled, meaning we were unable to ask questions and find out more detail about what the prime minister had to say. one note of caution, though, lester. this is now a police investigation, amongst many other inquiries. they may be holding back information in order to benefit that inquiry.

>> yeah, things changing quite rapidly. keir simmons in kuala lumpur for us this morning. thank