TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

See spring's hottest new trends for every age group

From floral prints to color blocking, Susan Swimmer of More magazine shares her take on this spring’s hottest fashion trends, whether you’re in your 30s or your 60s or somewhere in between.

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>>> transitioning into spring 's hottest trends is easy for the younger generation. not everybody -- not every style is suitable for everybody.

>> there are tons of great options in spring fashion for women of all ages. and susan swimmer is a contributing fashion feature editor for "more" magazine. so nice to see you.

>> hello.

>> hearing the word spring it feels good.

>> it is coming.

>> we want to be age appropriate , but want to wear something that is cool and cute.

>> okay. for different stages, your life requires different kinds of clothing. so the good news is there are terrific spring trends. the weather still might be cold across the country, but there are great spring trends and one great at different areas of life.

>> for your 30s --

>> for your 30s, we have rhea.

>> come on out.

>> okay. that's adorable.

>> so florals, florals tend to come back in the spring , but they're doing these beautiful blues and greens and little darker floral than a pastel. this is a fit and flair dress from banana republic . on banana republic , they're running a thing now. 40% off on most items on the website. for spring . for spring . that dress was $140, $84 online. fit and flair, it does have some stretch in it and does hold her in a little bit. but you can dress up or dress down.

>> sure.

>> she's in a heel.

>> put it with a sweater.

>> it looks likely on her. a little bag.

>> very cute.

>> on to the 40s. we have -- we have vanessa. come on out.

>> okay, vanessa.

>> in your 40s is a busy decade in your life. you're kissing children and juggling career and all sorts of things. so color blocking. you can mix and match different solids easily. this jacket is from nydj.

>> is that leather?

>> it is pleather. it is faux perforated leather it is lightweight. but has the motorcycle detailing, which is fun to add a little zing to your color blocking. the pants are from old navy. and the bag is gx by gwen stefani . the heels. we're all obsessed with the heels.

>> they cover the bottom of the heel. love it so much. very cute.

>> on to ladies in their 50s.

>> wish i could do that too.

>> come on out.

>> okay. in your 50s --

>> look at you now. wow.

>> the figure on nina, she's fabulous. in your 50s, it is a time to have fun and express your individuality.

>> and show off what you still got.

>> show off what you still have.

>> this is a graffiti print. the black and white prints with the hit of color, a huge spring trend. you'll see this everyeverywhere. the dress is from zara. the clutch, olivia and joy. and add a little shine in the shoe, add a little color in the bag, vice versa . but it is really a sense of -- it is great, great, fun, out there, bold style.

>> thank you.

>> on to women in their 60s. we have martha . martha , martha , martha .

>> look how pretty she looks.

>> in your 60s, you know who you are, what your life is, what works for your body. a classic shirt dress you'll never go wrong with. the shirt dress is from j. jill . the scarf from tommy bahama . i like to add the neutrals this is the trend, to go with the neutrals.

>> a splash of color.

>> a little melon color.

>> i love that.

>> it is very beautiful on the skin. the thing about neutrals, mix up those neutrals. they don't have to match perfectly. do nude and cream and mocha and just mix it all together.

>> okay.

>> the shoes, it is a great lower heel. a little less, they come in a lot of different colors. the bag is just fab.

>> thank you. thank you, sweetheart. thank you, ladies, so much.