TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Meet our cute babies of the week!

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcome a new group of precious infants from viewers in the latest aww-inspiring installment of Babies of the Week.

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>> the first baby is bailey anne carmen. she was born in cocoa beach florida on january 22nd . bailey is very lucky little girl . blessed with five great grandparents and three grandparents.

>> don't ask. only in america.

>> okay. our next baby of the week is karabella an amodeo.

>> how do you know?

>> i read it before.

>> born on february 13th , new jersey. her parents offered this advice. the days might feel long, but the years will feel short. so hold your baby every moment you can. that is an adorable little baby.

>> that's how i feel about you, hodi.

>> you do?

>> yes, i do. next to a baby boy in san francisco on january 20th , kenji william dea. yeah. i think it is dea. this is the first child for parents lisa and brian, hoda. and they say he's getting bigger and bigger every day. that's because he's healthy and already 13 pounds. good for him. final baby is who? benjamin gary siefken.

>> hoda!

>> born in iowa on january 24th , adorable. his mother jennifer says he has his dad's big blue eyes.

>> look at that baby.

>> beautiful.

>> if you want to submit your baby to be the johnson baby of the week, all the details are on