TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Son’s college acceptance moves mom to tears

A Massachusetts mom broke down into tears of joy upon learning that her hard-working son had been accepted at Brown. Sending us your college acceptance videos with the hashtag #Acceptedtoday.

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>>> welcome back to "today" on friday morning. it's march 14th , 2014 . natalie has the morning off. earlier this week, we asked our viewers to send in videos showing that great moment when your teenager reads his or her college acceptance letter. we got some great ones. this one is from missy of brookville, massachusetts, reacting to her son's acceptance to brown university .

>> congratulations --

>> what a great video.

>> that's so sweet. mom said, quote, he wanted it so badly and worked his tush off to get there and he is very focused.

>> i'm assuming little sister 's over there. so precious.

>> getting into the ivy league . that's a reason for celebration.

>> she said he worked his tush and everything else off.

>> getting into any college is really so, so special.

>> we want to see these videos.

>> special for parents, too.

>> keep sending them in, accepted today.

>> i love this. i could watch these all day long.

>> no, you know, it really is -- no, i think it's terrific.

>> you know what it is? you're parents, so you're used to these exciting moments with the kids.

>> no, every time it happens, whether it's middle school or high school , whatever, that is, it's, your child is on their way. they're making that