TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Malaysia flight vigil: Week’s most memorable images

Time magazine senior editor Dan Macsai joins TODAY to share some of the most memorable images of the week, including a vigil for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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>>> a missing jet liner, explosion in harlem. we're looking into stories behind the pictures of the week.

>> senior editor of "time" magazine. a lot of events happening this week. our first photo captures a photo from the tragic story of the missing malaysian flight. of course, this is continuing.

>> we're used to seeing candle light vigils for tragedies, but the message here, this is from some international students in china, is hope. because we don't know what happened to the flight yet. those letters translate to pray for life.

>> that is really stunning. to be able to catch that exposure and the light all at once.

>> very moving image .

>> sad part is, those vigils continue today, a week later. let's look at another photo from another terrible situation that took place not far from here.

>> when i first saw this image, it almost looks like something from a war zone . that happened just 60 blocks from where we are now. because it was takeawayen just an hour after the collapse, it captures the moment.

>> there's one first responder at the bottom of the screen. he is waist deep in debris. unbelievable.

>> let's,ing something on a brighter note, literally. india kicking off their festival of colors.

>> wow.

>> this is the holy festival. looks like a fun party. it is to kick off the springtime. they celebrate this every year to welcome the spring, they toss colored powders in the air. they doss each other with colored water. it's supposed to be a big, fun party to celebrate spring.

>> that is stunning. we need to duplicate that.

>> put down a lot of plastic.

>> and finally, the international feline beauty -- that's a beauty show?

>> version of a cat?

>> a canadian space cat. it's known for being hairless and as you mentioned, it's competing in a beauty show in romania.

>> needs botox.

>> what do the contestants look like.

>> i wish i knew, but that one certainly has my vote.

>> brain is showing.

>> and i kid you not, the beauty pageant , it's called