TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Gillian Anderson reveals secrets of her past

Visiting TODAY to talk about her role in the new TV thriller “Crisis,” the actress who came to fame on “The X-Files” reveals two truths about how she was in high school, but fudges the facts about the sad fate of a childhood pet.

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>>> she won an emmy and golden globe playing the skeptical agent on the hit series, "the x files ," a show that developeded an obsessive following and spawned a couple of movies.

>> and now, gillian anderson is taking on a new role, playing a high powered ceo, whose daughter's bus is hijacked on a school trip . the kids held hostage have the most powerful and wealthiest parents in america and they're not going to take this situation lightly.

>> the secret service agents might be involved?

>> can't tell you that.

>> some of the parents had gps trackers implanted into their children. they're not responding. what does that mean?

>> it means whoever did this knows exactly what they're doing.

>> all these people in here are used to being first in line. so get ready, they're going to want answers and there will be no line.

>> gillian anderson , good morning. you take charge. you play this may fish, this no nonsense kind of ceo, take charge person, yet you're in this scene with the fbi . is it kind of weird?

>> i think that scene was probably the first we shot for the series and surrounded by fbi agents wearing those jackets and one part, was like, wait a second, i'm supposed to have one of those on, right? but good. rachel taylor , who plays my sister, but also the lead fbi agent on it, is fantastic. lance gross , he's amazing.

>> the idea behind the show is a little scary, but cool. you've got a bus load full of kids. the most powerful parents in the country, because they're in washington, d.c., including one of the first children.

>> yep, president's son.

>> there will be no line. they want answers now. so, how does this play out over the course of the season?

>> it's front page news. you see it unraveling, what feels like realtime on the show. the kidnappers start to use the parents to try and reach them. got a revenge mission on his mind, so he asks the parents to do things they would normally not consider doing, morally compromising or illegal, in order to threatening that they'll get their children back if they do this, and see which systemically the parents being called and those situations. but you've got the government, fbi , cia. you've got secret service . you've got parents, children. there's a good cross section .

>> basically, a hot show . you've talked in the past about the limited roles for women over the age of 45 and that's why a lot of women go to television for example. but this and many other news shows out there, that this forum is a starmaker. it's not the big and small screen anymore as we've seen in the past.

>> i think over the last ten years, there's been some pretty amazing tv shows that have had female leads at a certain age, et cetera . this is a big ensemble cast . rachel and lance and dermotte.

>> during research, you find a lot of fun facts. we wanted to play this game, two truths and a lie. you're going to tell us three statements about yourself. two are true, one is a lie.

>> i'm going to focus on high school . is that all right?

>> makes it more difficult.

>> okay. so, in high school , i when i was 16, i got my nose pierced.

>> okay. about th

>> about that same time, i had a pet rat that drowned in its water dish.

>> one more thing.

>> which is that i was voted most likely to be arrested.

>> i say you were voted most likely to be arrested.

>> is that a lie?

>> that's the truth.

>> you didn't have a rat that drowned.

>> that's interesting.

>> you did not pierce your nose.

>> i did pierce my nose. i was voted most likely to be arrested. but i had a pet iguana that drowned.

>> a trick question.

>> what kind of rule is that? i'm sorry.

>> throwing us into crisis. catch the series premier of "crisis" this sunday night at 10:00 , 9:00 central.