TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

How to make spring cleaning a breeze

Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew joins TODAY to show you the right tools to jump-start your spring cleaning.

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>>> we're back now. the first day of spring just six days away and with the right tips, you can make your spring cleaning a breeze. after the winter we've had, just the words spring cleaning , are going to be music to people's ears.

>> i know how you feel about germs, so we are going to tackle the kitchen, which is really the dirtiest place.

>> what are you going to use to do the cleaning?

>> your sink is dirtier than your toilet seat . you're going to take a sponge, wash with soap and water, then take white vinegar, spray white vinegar, then hydrogen peroxide, do not mix them. you're going to let that dry. that's going to disinfect your sink. next, your disposal, take lemon, salt and ice, run it, it's going to clean it.

>> the sponges give me the creeps.

>> it's dirty, just throw that away. the other you want to, i like to run them in the dishwasher. anytime you're running it, put them in there or one minute in the microwave.

>> you have to clean the dishwasher.

>> take baking soda , damp sponge, run around the edges and use something like dishwasher magic. take that, put it into the silverware drawer, run it on the hottest steam. there is e. coli bacteria in there, so that is what gets rid of it. next, the refrigerator. you're going to open it up, throw away and toss any old food. that goes in the garbage.

>> oh, i was going to eat that.

>> i don't you want to. speaking of e. coli . then take a teaspoon of baking soda , mix with water. clean the shelves well. if you can pull your refrigerate refrigerator on, vacuum the coils. it will run 20% more efficiently.

>> what else do you have?

>> the oven. keep your oven clean. again, this is about running efficiently. i suggest getting a nonstick liner. just pop that in there. what's great about it, it's going to collect any debris and you can run that through your dishwasher to clean it.

>> i never thought i would say this, but come meet me in the bathroom. let's talk about the shower. you need to do some spring cleaning on this.

>> let's start off with the shower head. what i've done is taken a white vinegar, put it in a plastic bag and taken rubber bands to attach. the white vinegar is like a wonder cleaner. it's going to get rid of the build up, bacteria. to wash the shower doors, take a pixture of baking soda and vinegar. wash the doors, the grout. you want to get all that mildew. the worst thing in a bathroom, it's warm, airless and damp. and then also, your drain. the other thing you want to do is put baking soda down it, white vinegar. put a hot towel on it, sit for five minutes, then chase it down with some boiling water . lastly for your doors, you can use a car product like rainex to prevent water and then lastly, your toilet, use something like tang because first of all, it's nontoxic and the citric acid works as a scrubber.

>> just right in the bowl.

>> take a little scrub brush, flush it, you're done.

>> record time. you got through the kitchen and the bathroom.

>> miracle.

>> this was right up my