TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Cynthia Nixon: I ‘absolutely’ want ‘Sex and the City 3’

Cynthia Nixon joins TODAY to talk about guest-starring on the drama “Hannibal” alongside Laurence Fishburne, and says she wants to star in another “Sex and the City” film.

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>> nixon is best known for her role as miranda on " sex in the city ." now, she's guest starring in the second season of " hannibal ." take a look.

>> because you wanted to believe, who is he to you that makes you want to risk everything for him?

>> a very cogent reminder of having faith in one's fellow man.

>> everyone at one point or another, has to leave somebody behind. you've got to cut him loose. oth otherwise, the someone being left behind today or tomorrow is going to be you.

>> intense. good morning. good to see you.

>> you, too.

>> so, i figured we'd train in our cosmos for some beans and kiante.

>> that sounds great. a little early in the morning perhaps.

>> haven't seen hoda and kathie lee .

>> and they look suspiciously like ears.

>> what made you decide to get on board?

>> the offer came and i had never seen it. we don't have tv, so i'm very out of the loop of television shows . we have a television set , but we don't have cable, so we don't have reception. luckily, my daughter finds ways on the computer.

>> and your daughter was a key part.

>> she is a huge hannibal fan, so she immediately said let's watch the pilot episode and you're going to love it.

>> sounds like she made you an officer you can't refuse. what is it like working with lawrence fishburne ?

>> so admiring of him. we were both kid actors. you know, almost roughly the same time in new york, so that's a real shared experience.

>> absolutely.

>> and when they first said, i said, what's the part, they said, you're going to be his boss. i was like, i'm going to tell lawrence what to do? that's an acting job.

>> you mentioned you were a kid actor. a lot of people may not realize it. you were how old?

>> 12.

>> i think we have a clip.

>> really?

>> yes. take a look at this. this is cynthia back in the day. you were a child there. look at you. adorable. and here, you've transitioned into an award winning actress on many levels. when you think about some of those years and look at the young kid actors now, what do you think? is it a cultural thing? just a change of the times? you're a mom, too, so i'm sure you're concerned.

>> i think it's really hard being a child actor . there's a lot of money and attention thrown at you, then a lot of kid actors don't become adult actors and then it all goes away and it's hard to deal with with. but i think it's easier for kids in new york than it is for kids in l.a.

>> and you're making a transition back to broadway soon.

>> yes, i'm going to be doing "the real thing" in the fall, the character that i played 30 years ago, i'm played her mother. with ewan mcgregor and maggie gyllenhaal .

>> should we toast to another movie?

>> if michael patrick will write it and sarah jessica will star in it, absolutely.

>> so, that's a yes?

>> absolutely. if they're on board, i'm on board.

>> we love the girls. hope it happens. thank you so much, cynthia. such a pleasure to talk with you. catch " hannibal " tonight, 10:00 , 9:00 central. up next, one family's struggle to help their daughter to hear and later, simple ways to spruce up your home if your spring cleaning list is a mile long, but first, this is "today" on nbc.