TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Missing jet leads to slew of conspiracy theories

With still no sign of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, theories about what happened to the plane abound; NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports. A map on Twitter conveys where most conversations are happening globally about the flight; Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> we're back with more on the mystery of flight 370. it's been a week now and still no sign of the missing 777. that's led to some wild speculation. stephanie gosk has that part of the story.

>> it seems everyone is asking everyone else the same question. what do you think happened to flight 370. experts and officials will insist no one should speculate, but the truth is, very few could resist.

>> i think the flight just fell in the water.

>> i think it's mechanical error.

>> they must be alive.

>> only one thing we know for sure about the disappearance. that is that we don't know much about flight 370's disappearance and the vacuum of thoughts has spanned a litany of theorys.

>> possibility that it was diverted to a secret location.

>> an electrical failure.

>> he's saying this has got to be a hijacking.

>> an online chat room for pilots, some suspect a sudden loss of cabin pressure . there are more than few tweets blaming aliens. the facts that have been released only seem to fuel suspicio suspicions. no may day signal, no debris field, conflicting comments from malaysian officials. the " wall street journal " reports investigators are looking into, among other things, whether the plane may have landed in an unknown location. suddenly, some investigators give some thought to the lost theory. looking for answers where there aren't any is a natural knee jerk reaex.

>> if it's the mystery, then everybody getting on a plane feels afraid. well, that could happen to me. there's no answer, no preventable cause. we want to believe there's a preventable cause because the alternative is frightening.

>> and maybe that's why everyone keeps guessing, concluding we simply don't know is just too unsettling. for the people really looking for answers and for the families and friends of the victims, speculation doesn't help, but the more the mystery deepens, the less likely it will stop. carson, back to you.

>> as you can see here, our friends at twitter provided us with a map that shows these lights are the areas where the conversation of the missing plane, where it's being talked about. the east coast , new york area. obviously in the area of malays malaysia. everybody is talking about this. tara writes, how does an entire airplane go mia without a trace? i'm skeptical about how much info is being shared. another facebook mention, so bizarre. there's something more to it. just feel terrible for the families and not knowing what happened to their loved ones. much more on this the rest of the