TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Parents lip-sync to ‘Frozen’; toddler yawns

A video has gone viral of parents lip-syncing the hit tune in the front seat of their car, while their young daughter yawns in the backseat.

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>> show of hands , how many of us have seen frozen more than 100 times ?

>> every night.

>> this thing, kids and adults belting out tunes, but two parents from texas got carried away. they've seen the movie more than 15 times, so they wanted to do a special car sing along with the lyrics. now, as you watch this video, watch their daughter in the backseat. love is an open door love is an open door love is an open door with you with you with you

>> so, they're lip-syncing, giving it their all. their daughter in the back, yawning. she is so over it.

>> those, singing, driving and age acting, not safe.

>> came in to work, 4:30, roker was in his dressing room with the door half open and i hear music , frozen.

>> it's in my head 24/7. i am one with the wind and skies

>> and if i hadn't had run pee, i would have missed that song.

>> and that is what's trending