TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Princess Diana leaked info to tabloid, court told

A former tabloid journalist says that one of his sources was Princess Diana, and that she acted as a mole in the royal house to get back at her husband, Prince Charles. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>>> back now with a bombshell in britain's phone hacking scandal. a former tabloid journalist telling a court one of his sources was princess diana . janet shamlian has more.

>> reporter: yes, this is quite a claim. the former editor on trial testifying that princess diana was a mole in the royal household , that she was leaking phone numbers to the press. all while claiming they were hounding her. this is the former tabloid editor who says princess diana leaked royal phone directoriedirectories, known as green books, in a secret bid to get revenge on prince charles . he said she sent one to his office, then followed up with a personal phone call to be sure i got it. she wanted me the staff of his his compared to other royals. she felt she was being swamped by his people. he said she was looking for an ally and had befriended several journalists to get back at charles.

>> if these revelations are true, they are stunning because they reveal a very manipulatetive side of her nature.

>> reporter: he was jailed in 2007 for hacking voice mails, the latest sensational detail that has offered a glimpse into the life of the royal family .

>> princess diana was chased by the p --

>> reporter: and that former editor also offered details on these directories. he said they were kind of divided into upstairs and downstairs staff. in his words, very "downton abbey".