TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Matt’s app pick tells you when to take a pee break

TODAY’s Matt Lauer chats about a few apps to download this weekend, including RunPee, which tells you the best time to take a pee break during a film. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> matt is with carson in the orange room and i'm really excited about this one.

>> well, it's friday. happy friday, everybody, where we ask our anchor here to turn us on to a couple of apps. you have two.

>> we're going to have dinner downtown. we both download glimpse. if you're waiting for me, you ask me for a glimpse, we've got brittney shriver with a glimpse. it will show you where that person is in real time , allow you to track them, how fast they're going and their estimated time of arrival . you can send me a glimpse or i can send you.

>> maybe i won't order an appetizer because i see you in six minutes.

>> and your kids coming home from school. it has a timer on it. when it expires, you can no longer check in on that.

>> can your kids see where you are?

>> only if i give thems a glimpse. my next one is great. you love movies, you want to go, but you know in the middle of the movie, you have to get up to go to the bathroom.

>> diet cokes are just enormous.

>> so, you want to download run pee. say we want to go see "frozen."

>> you can't urinate during this movie. it's one of the greatest movies of all time.

>> you want to know what is the optimal time to get up so you won't miss pivotal context. 30 minutes in, you have a four-minute pee time. what you're missing, when you come back, anna yells, someone bring me my horse and it will then tell you what happens during that time.

>> just a big riding sequence.

>> looking for her sister. you can even set this thing to have an alarm so your phone will buzz at the time you should get up and go to the bathroom.

>> what if you have to do more than pee pee ?

>> that's called run.

>> you're zero for two.

>> we are so not feeling you.

>> the bladder of a 12-year-old girl. look at this.

>> do you see what savannah showed us last week?

>> what soda size are you ordering and i'm always late for dinner. i don't need your pestering me because i'm late.

>> wow, this didn't go the way i planned.

>> really? what do you think?

>> i think he should see a physician if you can't get to a two-hour film without going to the restroom.

>> you got to go, you got to go. you don't want to miss anything.

>> earlier, matt revealed his favorite app of the year with the help of carson and we kind of heckled, well, i did, and al, your app pick, but the fans have come to matt's defense.

>> the orange room 's on fire.

>> hunter says, are you kidding, it was the best. i can't wait to try it. and they continue from there.

>> you doubted me. run pee is trending.

>> bladder of 6-year-olds.

>> i can't believe how many people have jumped in on this, defending you.

>> i rest my case.

>> it really works. great selections.