TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Crimea to vote on region’s future on Sunday

Secretary of State John Kerry is in London to meet with Russia’s foreign minister for talks on the Ukraine crisis. Voters in Crimea will decide if the region should join the Russian Federation.  NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports.

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>> some key information on big meetings regarding the ukraine .

>> john kerry is in london today to meet with russia 's foreign minister for talks. this comes just two days before voters in crimea . richard engel is in ukraine with the latest.

>> reporter: good morning, willie. the referendum hasn't taken place yet, but it feels like crimea is no longer part of ukraine . this entire area is now being run by pro russian militia men. to make that point clear, russia has ordered up a new series of snap military exercises. about 10,000 russian troops and heavy weapons operating right on the ukrainian border. this referendum is scheduled to take place sunday, but quietly, u.s. officials are already acknowledging that crimea may have lost to russia .

>> richard engel from ukraine . thanks