TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

US Airways passenger: ‘The plane is on fire’

Passengers escaped down emergency chutes after a blown tire forced a US Airways pilot to abort takeoff from Philadelphia. The frantic moments were caught on camera. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> to a frightening incident involving a plane here at home. a us airways pilot was forced to abort take off at philadelphia international airport after the plane's front landing gear collapsed. kristen dahlgren is there. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. earlier this morning, they moved that plane and op rags are back to normal here, but that is a far cry from those frightening moments yesterday when the plane bounced and skidded down this runway, leaving passengers running to escape.

>> oh, my god. oh, my god.

>> reporter: as passengers rushed from the smoking plane, cell phone video captured the frantic dash. with the plane resting on its nose, one passenger took a selfie.

>> they're evacuating the plane. oh, my god, the plane is on fire.

>> the plane just came down all of a sudden, pretty hard. we bounced and came down hard again and bounced again.

>> reporter: the a320 carrying 149 passengers and five crew started down the runway, building up speed, when a tire blew. the pilots aborted the takeoff, but the plane bounced and screeched down the runway.

>> i see smoke down there and are you guys still on the runway? we're going to dispatch the emergency vehicle .

>> reporter: by then, the flight attendants were already evacuated passengers.

>> everyone else off and just hold their position.

>> remarkably, just two passengers asked for medical stance. most of the passengers were put on another plane, finally arriving in ft. lauderdale overnight.

>> i want to show my parents everyone running and just what was going on.

>> oh, my god, my plane just crashed. i'm far enough away, put my phone down, took a video. oh, my god.

>> reporter: scary moments and there were of course some passengers who opted to stay here in philadelphia, not get on another plane last night. those who were treated are believed to be in good condition. meantime, the investigation continues into what went wrong with that tire in the first place, matt.

>> thanks very much. we were just talking on the side here, none of us would have thought to take our cell phones and start doing selfie video.

>> i think now that you're people of a certain age, that's part of their lifestyle.

>> there used to be fight, flight, now, it's take a