TODAY   |  March 14, 2014

Neighbors: Flight 370 co-pilot ‘dedicated’ to job

As officials examine the background of the missing plane’s pilots, neighbors of the co-pilot call him a quiet and religious man, and react to the latest theories on the plane’s fate. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> reporter: we are outside the house of the co-pilot. it is an ordinary suburban street, a middle class street. there is a nursery on one side of the house. a nursery on the other side of the house. we have been talking to people here about what kind of person the co-pilot is. they say he is dedicated to his work, quiet. isn't here that much because he is a ko pilot. we did speak to some in the street, this speculation that perhaps one part of the investigation is that one of the pilots might have common deered the plane. they say this family is deeply religious. right at the end of the street is the local mosque. about 1,000 people pray here and i spoke to the leader of the mosque. he says that he prays here five times a day when he is here. he says his father came to him as soon as the plane went missing to tell him the news in desperation really, and every day now, his father says to them, no news, no news.

>> thank you very much.