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TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

Lori Loughlin: I only do films my kids could see

The actress known for her role as Aunt Becky in the sitcom “Full House” is now starring in the Hallmark original series “When Calls the Heart,” playing a coal miner’s widow who supports other women in the community. Loughlin says she only chooses projects that she feels comfortable showing her kids.

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>>> lori loughlin has tv hosting experience of her own.

>> back in the late 1980s through 1995 , she played aunt becky, host of the wake up san francisco on the hit tv show "full house" that everybody loves.

>> now lori is taking on another family show on thallmark channel "wind calls the help".

>> after a coal minining accident claims her husband's life, she becomes the central figure on a small prairie town on the western frontier, i love it already.

>> -- about that young man your sister found in the woods.

>> i'm worried too. she knew nothing about him. but she's taken such a personal interest.

>> i asked contabl ostable o'reilly to pay him a visit. i just -- i want to send a message loud and clear that we intend to keep our town safe and secure.

>> that's right you do.

>> this one my mother is going to love.

>> she will.

>> lori , so great to see you.

>> you look so great.

>> thanks.

>> you are a walking advertisement for pilates.

>> you really are. i've known you forever and you get more beautiful all the time.

>> thank you.

>> enough of that. let's talk about --

>> this film, you seem to pick really great roles that are kind of family centered like this one.

>> i do. i think i always have. i have a rule when i was younger before i had a family, and i always said to myself, can my father watch this? and if the answer was yes, i would do the project. and i always thought, i would pray i would have children and thankfully i do, and i said, i never want to put anything on film that my kids would one day be embarrassed.

>> i wish kids would think about that.

>> i tend to gravitate to family driven projects.

>> has he always loved everything you did?

>> i don't have my dad, i lost him six years ago, but he was always very proud and i did everything to make him proud so, yeah.

>> tell us about your role. you're a widowed coal miner's wife.

>> i am. she's a strong central character in the piece, grounded. even though it is set in 1910 , we can tell a contemporary story line of a woman on her own, taking care of herself, fending for herself in the world.

>> women had to then.

>> exactly. and today. and as a child, my mother always used to say to me, don't ever rely on anyone else to take care of you. always make sure you can take care of yourself. that's what i love about this role, she's a strong woman in the early 1900s , taking care of herself and it is about friendship and women in the town and community and a support system. it has a great message.

>> this is the series, which is new for --

>> second series.

>> great.

>> cedar cove is the first.

>> fantastic.

>> they do great work.

>> we have a wonderful company to work for too. i can't say enough nice things about crown media .

>> you always say nice things, lori . i did not get called for christian slater . i've known christian forever and he