TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

Yikes! Christian Slater can’t keep hands off KLG, Hoda

Actor Christian Slater plays the father in the controversial movie “Nymphomaniac,” in which his on-screen daughter recalls a sexual experience with a man who saved her. He tells Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that working with director Lars von Trier was exciting.

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>>> when you hear the word hoda uses often, anymore fnymphomaniac, does christian slater come to mind.

>> if you're interested in me, you have bigger problems than that.

>> a guy who named for himself in heathers" and " true romance ," he now plays in --

>> sorry.

>> he knows how to sell a movie.

>> yes, he does.

>> we like a guy that comes to play.

>> sorry, sorry.

>> this is a very -- what would you call it, it is r-rated, i would have to say, isn't it?

>> definitely --

>> what this is the rating on it?

>> i don't know. i don't know.

>> these things are kind of important to know before you do an international --

>> true, true.

>> the armed forces carries us, you know what i'm saying?

>> very important.

>> and big in prisons. you need to know that before you come on.

>> sure, sure. i think it is -- i don't know what the rating is. i have no clue.

>> have you seen the movie?

>> i have seen the film. i saw the extended version of the movie --

>> extended.

>> yes.

>> don't even --

>> there is a shorter version and a longer version.

>> okay. let's talk about your --

>> the director's cut.

>> right, exactly. we had a -- no, that's not. i can't even say that.

>> i don't know. so your character -- you play -- you play the father of a nymphomaniac.

>> i play the father.

>> you have no sex scenes .

>> correct.

>> why not? you had sex at one time.

>> sure, of course. had to be creative, so, yeah, that is true. but in this particular movie, no, i do not have to expose -- i do have to expose some parts of myself, but not the --

>> you seem a little young to be playing a dad of a -- how old is she? in her 20s?

>> i play the father from the time she's about 12 to about 18.

>> okay. so the formative years of her life.

>> and why does she become a nymphomaniac?

>> i think she has a natural desire for sex, at a very early age. it is a natural thing. but as the course of the movie takes place, it becomes something that she starts to use to escape from feeling other things, like she's -- she's trying to avoid --

>> she's not in pain?

>> she has a wonderful relationship with her father, she trusts her father greatly, but then she loses her father and i think she spends a lot of time trying to fill that void --

>> this has an unbelievable cast.

>> it does, yeah.

>> a lot of people were attracted to it in spite of its subject matter.

>> shia labeouf is in it.

>> shia labeouf .

>> he went a little cuckoo afterwards.

>> we were concerned after the news conference. what happened?

>> we're a sensitive bunch and, you know, we like to push the envelope and take a lot of chances. i think that's why working with somebody like von treer is so exciting. he is that type of director. he likes to do controversial things and do things that are terrifying. denmark.

>> they are much more open about a lot of this stuff.

>> that's true. i was happy when i saw the film in berlin with a european audience. they were less blown away by like the sexual aspect of the movie, more interested in the characters.

>> that wouldn't happen here. i can tell you for a fact, my mother isn't going to see --

>> focus.

>> if you're expecting them to --

>> okay, well, we know what audience that we're going for. i have a --

>> we're keeping you too long, but he's fun.

>> a grandmother who is in her 80s and grandfather who is -- and they --

>> they'll go see it?

>> yes. i'm desperate for them to see it. they're a fun couple. they had seven kids, and they have a big family. they're still -- i think they're still having a good time.

>> i think your mom --

>> listen, thank you, we love it when you come by.

>> thank you so much.

>> volume one. it is available