TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

Al and Willie don tool belts and get to work

Home improvement expert Shane Duffy gives TODAY’s Al Roker and Willie Geist some tips on getting handyman projects done faster, and demonstrates simple and affordable fixes for your home.

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>>> well, if you're like me you've got a long punch list of handyman projects due this weekend and not much of a clue about how to do them.

>> good thing we have home improvements experts shane duffy here. good to see you.

>> how are you?

>> i'm great.

>> talk to me about what i'm wearing right now.

>> it looks good.

>> our producer wanted me to wear it but there's no buckle.

>> if you don't have a buckle, that's a great way to do it.

>> this is great. i love this because it's super easy and convenient. let's say you're missing a glove or one of them wore out.

>> it happens.

>> you can make it into a makeshift tool belt. you got your hammer here, flashlight.

>> you're like mcgyver.

>> let me show you how to quickly do this. instead of wearing a big tool belt just wear this little thing. cut a little slit here, cut a little slit right there, beautiful, drop the hammer. cut it right here for the belt loop. let me put a disclaimer about this. you might get laughed off the job site.

>> not going to happen.

>> what are we doing with soap and nails here?

>> this is a clever tricky learned, passed down from generation to generation. instead of nailing in or screwing in, put it through so and it gives you a little film and you can hammer it in much more smoothly and it's less friction.

>> does that help the wood from stopping splitting?

>> it helps it from stopping splitting because there's less friction on there.

>> i use this tip more for when you buy furniture that's already prefabricated. sometimes the holes aren't as big as the screws so you run a little so on it.

>> you have a ladder.

>> let's say you're up here, you got your hammer and you don't want to hold your hammer. grab a c-clamp, drop it in.

>> willie, how many c-clamps do you have at home?

>> i can't even count them.

>> not an a-clamp, a c-clamp.

>> this is great.

>> you always get those anti-slip rug pads.

>> take acrylic latex caulk, flip your rug over, go down a straight line.

>> that's a lot of caulk there. you don't want too much. you want to be generous but --

>> wow.

>> you like that?

>> so you want to let this dry for 24 hours before you put it down.

>> you put it down and then it's glued down to the floor.

>> this one here, there's an example. now it doesn't twist.

>> so it dries in 24 hours --

>> make sure it's acrylic latex.

>> how do you keep a mess from happening when you drill into the wall?

>> is this you, by the way? you have framed photos of yourself in your home?

>> somebody set me up for that.

>> amazing.

>> if i looked like you, i'd have a picture of myself.

>> nobody likes to clean up when they're on a job site. a quick fix, i call it the envelope trick. you take an envelope, run some painters tape. use painters tape so it doesn't take off any paint. so let's say you're drilling a hole right here. take this -- look at that. it goes right in there.

>> shane duffy, we have a lovely parting gift for you. thank you so much.

>> that's me. i got a couple extra tricks, though.

>> you save those tricks.

>> i'm sure somebody will take you up on that.