TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

Sam and Al test TODAY team’s weather wits

With all the wild and wacky weather, Al Roker and The Weather Channel’s Sam Champion quiz the TODAY anchors on their weather knowledge, including which state has had the third snowiest winter on record.

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>>> it's time for wild wacky weather wallop with your hosts al roker and sam champion !

>> hey now.

>> this feels good. this could be a nighttime game show on nbc. i feel it coming on.

>> you get two weather game show hosts for the price of one. sam is the new weather channel anchor of the morning show "america's morning headquarters."

>> i'm trying to get used to getting up in the morning.

>> it's not like it's been --

>> it's been three months now. so before the coffee kicks in, let's start. i'd like to introduce you.

>> they need no introduction.

>> would you like to introduce our lovely panel?

>> we have from texas, tamron hall . from connecticut, the great nut meg state, matt lauer from all over the place, nat le roar -- natalie.

>> contestants, which major u.s. city known for its cold weather is having the third snowiest winter on record? can we wait, please? is it, a, minneapolis? is it b, chicago? is it c, denver, colorado?

>> chicago.

>> that was an easy one.

>> natalie, this one you might have.

>> other cities around the world are also experiencing record breaking snowfalls. which major --

>> forget the buzzer.

>> tokyo.

>> i agree.

>> the answer is tokyo!

>> very nice.

>> which major cities are also experiencing record snowfalls? averages only about 4 inches per year.

>> hold on one second. this is the buzzer, carson.

>> it doesn't work. i don't know the answer also.

>> i'd like to apologize for our first attempt. whoever fastest raises their hand. are you ready for our third question?

>> yes.

>> how many days in february did buffalo, new york have measurable snowfall? is it a, 12? b, 16? or c, 26?

>> go ahead.

>> 16 days of february.

>> it's c, 26. it snowed all but two days.

>> things gare going to be a lot smoother for you.

>> this past january everybody was talking about the polar vortex but there are other parts of the u.s. who are experiencing record breaking warmth. which u.s. city had the warmest january on record?

>> los angeles .

>> the answer is, a, los angeles skp.

>> california had 21 days in january above 60 degrees.

>> they also had an epic drought. does that count as an answer?

>> no, i'm not going to give you a point for that, tamron.

>> anyone can win because this is what we call --

>> we're not keeping score. because it's not a real game show and the buzzer s don't work.

>> besides that, this is our video daily double . please wait for the video to play before answering.

>> al was on the u.s. coast guard cutting " penobscot bay ."

>> oh, roll the video.

>> let's tack a look at the clip. we're looking at a clip.

>> we are making progress up the river and i think can you hear the ice being broken now. you know, we always have -- this is something i always wanted to do.

>> ladies and gentlemen , what was it that al always wand to do? wait for it --

>> was it a, a, go fishing? was it w, spite off the side or was it c --

>> i think it's b.

>> matt, it was --

>> oh!

>> sam champion , your new show debuting monday morning.

>> and matt, you are the winner, my friend.

>> thank you very much.

>> we do have a lovely --

>> a lovely drink.