TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

Biblical blockbuster ‘Noah’ awash in controversy

Weeks ahead of its opening, controversy has erupted over the film. In a rare move, Paramount Pictures has put a disclaimer on the movie, saying artistic license has been taken.

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>> now to one of the oldest and best known stories in the world, noah and the big flood.

>> a great flood is coming.

>> reporter: with headliners look russell crowe , it's on track to be a hollywood blockbuster. but weeks ahead of its opening, the biblical effort " noah " about the great flood is already awash in controversy. in a rare move, paramount pictures has put a disclaimer on the film. on the movie's web site now, the studio says it will appear in all marketing going forward. the film is inspired by the story of " noah ." it reads "artistic license can the taken." industry appease religious critics.

>> the studio is doing this because they're walking a very fine line here. they want this movie to be a wide, mainstream hit that will ato all audiences who see the noah story as gospel.

>> the firm has been banded in several countries. it not the first time.

>> but the "no, i can't" story could end up being a boone as it creates curiosity.

>> always controversy.

>> and yet the more you talk about it, the more controversy, the more people are serious to see that. from tv --

>> it's weather related. an 80% chance of rain!

>> coming up, a big, huge announcement from donald trump . and