TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

NJ teen suing parents returns home

The New Jersey student who left home then sued her parents over paying for college has reunited with her family, the parents' attorney says.

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>>> time for what's "trend" today. it's a story about that new jersey teen-ager who is suing her parents to pay her bills. that's after she says they kicked her out of the house. the parents say she moved out. either way, 18-year-old rachel canning is now back home with her family this morning, this after a judge denied her request for financial support and recommended instead that the family try counseling first and fast.

>> a lawyer for rachel's parents said the honor student has moved back home without conditions. she says the parents are now pressuring her to drop the lawsuit. i'm speculating with both sides being home be a they maybe could need a -- pretty now it's a legal issue. they're both hoping maybe they can become a family when they're under one roof.

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