TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

YouTube video shown at Pistorius trial

Oscar Pistorius’ lawyers introduced a video showing a California man, a self-described crime scene analyst, showing the similarities between the sound of a cricket bat hitting a door, and the sound of a gunshot. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

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>> this morning, at the murder trial of oscar pistorius , his defense team firing back at the prosecution's case. jeff is at the courthouse, good morning.

>> reporter: another busy day in court. this morning oscar pistorius got sick when prosecutors accidentally showed a picture of reeva steenkamp. this seems like a lifetime ago, oscar pistorius on his blades in the 2010 olympics. in court today, photos of his prosthetic legs covered in blood. this forensic expert on the stand today and his lawyer is grilling him about how the evidence was handled.

>> when we looked at the photograph, the bat was in different positions. we're trying to find out who processed the scene and how it was possible the bat was in different places.

>> reporter: his lawyer accusing police of replacing pieces in the bathroom door.

>> you said you took some pieces --

>> i cannot remember who i spoke to. during the conversation about the missing pieces , i could not determine their location.

>> reporter: a key element of the prosecution's case, all those neighbors who testified they heard screams and then gunshot but the defense is fighting back saying at that distance neighbors couldn't tell a distance between gunshot through that door and the sound of oscar hitting it with a cricket bat right after.

>> we're going to see what kind of noise we can make with this bat hitting against the door.

>> reporter: this self-described analyst made this video.

>> that sounded somewhat like a gunshot.

>> he placed a recorder the distance of oscars's neighbors, then he fired a 9 million miter pistol. here's how they sound on the recorder 580 feet away. contribute bat first. now the gunshot. while the defense team acknowledges it's not scientific, they are say the neighbor's timeline just can't be trusted.

>> the bat against the door makes a definite crack that you could think is a gunshot.

>> reporter: very interesting video. on the stand now, the police commander who said was among the first on scene. he said oscar was in the kitchen crying when he arrived.

>> that's the first i've seen that videotape.

>> very compelling.

>> that youtube tape.

>> if you're talking about reasonable doubt or raising suspicion of doubt, that video is incredible.