TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

A pilot's perspective: Go inside a 777 cockpit

As questions arise about whether the pilots of Flight 370 played a part in the plane’s disappearance, NBC’s Kevin Tibbles goes in the cockpit of a flight simulator to explore the latest theories on the flight.

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>> so all eyes are turning to the pilots of that boeing triple 777. kevin is in the cockpit of a 777. good morning to you.

>> reporter: we are actually flying on auto pilot in this simulator of the 777, the same sort of plane that would have been flying. this is what tom was talking about, the auto pilot here. if the plane was going to divert its route, the route either would have had to have been punched into the auto pilot or the auto pilot would have had to have been disabled in order for that plane to turn around. many questions about what was going on with the auto pilot during the flight because it should have been working properly at the time the plane disappeared. a lot of other questions are focusing down in this area of the cockpit here. this is the transponder. the transponder tells the pilots where they are and perhaps most importantly, matt, it tells people on the ground where the plane is. this transponder apparently was not working. and what is interesting about that where the questions are coming from there, the 777 has five backup power sources on board the plane in case there's any sort of a power loss. backing up those five power sources, matt, are eight hydraulic power sources. people here that run this simulator tell me it would be a lot easier to win the lottery several times over than lose complete power in the cockpit of the 777. the big question is why want this transponder working? was it turned off?