TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

Pope Francis marks first year at Vatican

On Thursday, the pope celebrates his one-year anniversary of becoming the first Jesuit pontiff of the Catholic Church. Carson Daly recalls some of the best moments from the “Francis effect,” including his famous selfie.

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>> carson's here.

>> the pope's scorecard, one year ago today pope francis was elected.

>> happy anniversary.

>> pretty good, right? we'll tell you what's been going on with the pope. he's had some great moments. a year ago today over st. peter's square, he asked the people to pray for him rather than just pray for the people. here's the pope's twitter page. that's pretty cool. 3.77 million followers. he actually tweeted out an hour ago to pray for him. the selfie scene. we knew we had a nice picture when he took pick tuesday with the young folks . and of course there was this with that little boy . he was addressing 80 countries and this little boy took a liking to the little boy . share your thoughts. we'll have more on this in the next half hour.