TODAY   |  March 13, 2014

Storm brings snow and ice to Midwest, Northeast

Heavy snow has led to accidents and power outages from the Midwest to New England. Millions are facing a blast of cold that has temperatures plunging by as much as 40 degrees. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> let's talk about the latest brutal blast of winter. part of the southeast are dealing with blizzard conditions while millions up to d.c. cope with dramatic temperature drops. dylan dri dylan dreyer has made her way to d.c. according to the tweet you sent out, it was difficult to get will.

>> reporter: you don't understand. it was no small feat to get here to syracuse. i ended up driving here from new york city . it was 50 degrees when i left. it was 7 degrees when i got here. i drove through it all, heavy rain , sleep and freezing rain and heavy snow. take a look at this 40 to 50 car pileup on the ohio turnpike yesterday. three people were killed and an ohio state trooper is in serious condition right now. other areas hit hard, western new york where buffalo has had its second blizzard this season. that's the first time in history. they ended up with about a foot and a half of snow, parts of vermont ended up with about two feet of snow. in syracuse we have about a foot of snow on the ground but now the big story is the brutal cold. we have 10 degrees below zero for our wind chill . the campus is pretty much empty. why, al? because it's spring break here, people trying to go someplace warmer.

>> go to dinosaur barbecue, it's