TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

Which is lighter breakfast: Eggs or pancakes?

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom puts Kathie Lee and Hoda to the test about which foods have fewer calories: pizza or pasta and meatballs for dinner, or eggs rather than pancakes for breakfast.

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>>> beat it or eat it. it's about comfort foods .

>> if you're having a bad day , is it better to reach for the pint of frozen yogurt or bag of cookies?

>> nutrition editor madeline is here with us today. we're going to pound on food we think you should not eat. we're going to beat it. these are all, not the best healthiest. if you're going to make a choice between the two, it's about relatively.

>> sometimes it might fool you. let's start with breakfast. which would you beat because it's got more calories. eggs and toast or pancakes.

>> kathie is right. okay. now which has more calories. a cup of macaroni and cheese or this whole chicken pot pie .

>> i'm going with the other. you're right kathie lee has more.

>> i could eat this.

>> it's 2-0.

>> what?

>> sometimes a sandwich hits the spot. here we have a grilled cheese and tomato and your favorite peanut butter and jelly . which do you have to beat because it's got more calories?

>> is that cheese?

>> grilled cheese and tomato. peanut butter and jelly .

>> you would be right. that's got 450 calories. this grilled cheese is 405. enjoy that. they're both good for you. a lot of people like pizza or spaghetti and meat balls. which has to be beaten before it's got more calories than fat.

>> single serve pizza.

>> you're beating the pizza. you would be right. 2-2.

>> a single serving.

>> it's thick crust.

>> it's just larger. it's got more crust, more cheese. this is a moderate size. either is good.

>> which has more calories per serving. premium low fat frozen yogurt or five chocolate chip cookies . it's the frozen yogurt with 250. these have 340.

>> we tied.

>> thank you madeline . everybody is a winner.

>> oh my gosh.

>> thank you. what is that? a pizza cookie.

>> it says you win. if we can beat it, we can also eat it. small portions.

>> thank you madeline . which is better. mashed potatoes or sweet potato fries.

>> obviously sweet potato fries. go online for more beat it or eat it.

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