TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

8 space-saving gadgets for bedroom, kitchen

Gadget guy Steve Greenberg shows how you can save space in your home with a collapsible tea kettle, a rack for 36 of your favorite pairs of shoes, and an iced tea maker that stores horizontally in your refrigerator.

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>>> when it comes to organizing your space, does it seem like there's never enough room for everything?

>> here the to help you solve problems with storage, steve greenburg. here he is ladies and gentlemen .

>>> hey.

>> wow, was that cool or what?

>> so cool.

>> so this is good. for everyone who's got stuff overflowing which i do in my apartment.

>> especially living in the urban area . you have no space. this is a cabinet door. it stores behind your door. store bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, craft area. when the door is shut, it is space behind the door.

>> easy to install.

>> all you need is to put it on the hinges already on the door.

>> we like it.

>> this is a trouser rack. these pants were on it earlier today. great way to organize pants. keeps them slimmer.

>> see. i told you.

>> every woman would use this this. this holds 36 pairs of shoes. take as about a square food of land on your floor.

>> it takes a lot of height.

>> where would you put something like this.

>> could put it in the closet but more than likely in your bedroom.

>> it's so attractive.

>> you've got beautiful shoes. show them off. in new york it's a must.

>> this is the sort and iron center from honey can it's a one stop spot. the top is an ironing board . underneath place for sorting clothes. bring it in the laundry room . it's all on wheels. take hit to where you need it to be. smart from the folks at hundredchundreoney can

>>> this is a collapsible top. that folds back this is a tea can.

>> these are great for camping.

>> check out the whisk. this folds flat. turn the dial and it opens up.

>> i love that. genius.

>> measuring cups that also fold up. this is one of the salad things. they usually takes up space. this folds up. we'll build this live on tv. pop it out. of course it's a struggle. part of the fun on tv. pop it out. put it in and done.

>> sold.

>> all these are on amazon. under $25.

>> these are basically making ice tea . what caught my eye the most is you can put them in the refrigerator like that.

>> my fridge doesn't fit tall stuff in it.

>> you can move the shelves.

>> oh.

>> if you're hoda, why would you want to?

>> you can keep it behind your door hoda.

>> very smart. great system for making ice tee. these are my keys which are a nightmare. the actual keys. this is the key port slide. it organizes six keys in a little device. keys come out like that. they're easy to find. you can also put in a light built into it. they have a can opener. they have a pen. you can even put a usb port .

>> these are all amazing.

>> last but not least, this is a desk top aquarium and organizer.

>> this is a real fish. l.e.d. light . it has an alarm clock. plug into a lap to be. it's $40 from gadgets and that's so cute.

>> thank you very much. you did great. you can hear