TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

Quiz time! What is Bono’s real name?

Which Irish star has won three Best Actor Oscars? What is u2 singer Bono’s real name? Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Pauline Turley from the Irish Arts Center, quiz fans on Irish pop culture.

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>>> we are back on this winesday wednesday. we're going to play the trivia game called "who knew." we're going to brush you up on irish poll culture trivia. trivia. vice chair pauline turly. i like your outfit.

>> thank you.

>> the grammy a ward winning irish band u 2 led by the musician bono.

>> the correct answer is c.

>> it is?

>> it comes from the word bono box which means good voice. it was given him by his high school mates. he was one of the few people nominated for an oscar a, gramny golden globe .

>> he's amazing. he lives up to his name of bono. he gives to charities.

>> all right. back across the street. which irish actor is the only person to win the oscar three times?

>> i'm going to liam neeson ?

>> no. the answer is lewis. he raised his family and applied for irish citizenship . three films.

>> all good. all good. back across to kat. okay. name the irish singer who's song "only time" hit the number 10 on the billboard in 2000 .

>> that's the commercial with the volvo?

>> he is.

>> yeah.

>> maybe, maybe. if that happens these days. you don't know the answer?

>> i don't.

>> you don't. oh but you're going to love my cd. good day.

>> correct answer is inia.

>> that's correct. 75 million records sold worldwide. 26 million sales in the u.s. four grammys and oscar nomination for song in " lord of the rings ."

>> amazing voice.

>> back across the kat.

>> how should you place your hands during individual irish step dancing?

>> think it's b like this.

>> you're doing it wrong. you'd be so wrong.

>> nice accent. the correct answer is down by your sides with your hands clinched in fists.

>> that's right.

>> yes.

>> they wanted to make irish dance popular and started doing competitions. you would lose points if your hands moved slightly. it's hard to do. it's like trying to sprint with your arms by your side. river dance made it popular.

>> where did you say you were from?

>> south carolina .

>> that's what you said. to date, approximately how many people have seen the show " river dance "?

>> c.

>> you know what, she's right.

>> 22 million have seen river dance .

>> that's right.

>> wow.

>> 10,000 performances across 40 countries, four continents. really a phenomenal show. 3 million copies of the cd, 10 million videos. they have a new show heartbeat of homecoming up.

>> thank you so much. happy st. patrick's day early to you.

>> thank you.

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