TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

KLG, Hoda: Why you shouldn’t pee in the pool

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss a study from Purdue University that found peeing in the pool may be harmful to your heart and nervous system. The ladies recommend to “hold it in” while taking a dip.

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>>> hey everybody. thanks for being with us today. it was beautiful yesterday. wish you had been with us. it's wednesday around here, march 12th . the legendary liza is in the house.

>> i'm so excited. she's always fun.

>> we also have a performance by ellie golding.

>> ellie was on the show earlier. we did this thing we plucked a couple of people out of the audience.

>> they were a little wild.

>> we call it today's backstage pass . they were so pumped being backstage. take a peek.

>> we're going to pick abigail and susan.

>> you're going to walk in and see any number of celebrities getting ready.

>> oh my gosh.

>> ellie is in here. oh my --

>> ellie golding is in the back.

>> oh my gosh. meet my daughter.

>> so that was the right people.

>> abigail and susan. her mom was the real freak. we loved her. her daughter was having a ball. come out any wednesday. we'll take you back.

>> every wednesday.

>>> seth meyers has his own show. last night apparently we made our debut.

>> let's see.

>> i discovered that a the ancestors of many of today's public figures had accomplishments of their own. we'd like to share them now in a segment called famous ancestors of the famous. in egypt. amazing.

>> that's exactly how it happened.

>> exactly. yes, yes.

>>> we're going to get a first look along with the rest of you stacey had wedding photos.

>> they were released minutes before the show. she married jared. this came from people magazine .

>> oh my gosh. she's got that middleton thing happening.

>> she certainly does.

>> by the thing, you know what i mean ? she looks gorgeous.

>> small wedding in mexico this past saturday.

>> just the two of them.

>> they said they were going for a vacation. surprised parents saying this is actually our wedding.

>> how wonderful. i love that. nobody has to go crazy about it. nobody has to plan. they have their passports, on their way.

>> if you're wondering, the guy is a tech entrepreneur. she knew him five years. she knew him while she was dating george clooney .

>> i bet he was already in love with her thinking, maybe some day she'll look at me. that's the way it was with frank gifford and me. not really.

>>> if you want to see steamy dance pictures, there was one of justin bieber and selena gomez . justin put it on instagram. they were dancing to john legend ordinary people . this looks very choreographed. it's not like they just started dancing.

>> very few people can do that on the spot.

>> a lot of people are analyzing the lyrics. the lyrics are "i know i misbehaved. you made your mistake as. we've got both room left to grow."

>> what do you think?

>> i wish them well. i wish both would disappear. he's now the most overexposed singer on the planet. that's not a good poll you want to be on. it's not fun. trust me, i've been on a couple. there's a lot of truth to this. each person on the poll, in the poll, on the poll. those in the poll have been on the pole. it's not a good one.

>> next time when they reemerge, hopefully they have fantastic projects.

>> the overexposed poll, bieber has one. lindsey lohan has been on it many times. these are the other celebrities on it. honey boo boo made the list too. what did she do to anybody?

>> nothing. she's living her life on tv.

>> she deserves respect for this. leave her alone. i can't stop thinking about that episode.

>> tell them to check it out. look for it. it's when honey boo boo thinks maxi pads are stickers. she's sticking them all over the house and on the baby's head.

>> lindsey lohan was also on the list. she's been doing the oprah documentary show. we were wondering how the ratings were going to go. how interested are people of her?

>> they're tired of her or fascinated by her. apparently people are still fascinated.

>> it's a low number. they're calling it modest rite i rating, 700,000 viewers. most would have suspected it would have done much better just because. hardly a day goes by she's not mentioned. if you want a window into her life, that's the way to do it. it didn't seem that many were that interested.

>> i don't think she's going to solve her problems while she's got cameras rolling. you need privacy and honesty. too many are not willing to be that honest and gut wrenchingly real when it's a so called reality show . they're not real. you guys, they're just not. do not confuse them with something real.

>> when a camera shows up, things change . we walked up on a protest when i was covering news back when ever that was.

>> when you had a respectful career.

>> exactly. i remember walking up and people were sitting on the ground with their signs. the minute they saw us, they stood up and started. when you leave, it goes back. when the camera is on, things change .

>> keep her in your prayers.

>>> this is for hoda.

>> i'm not reading this.

>> you wanted to put this at the top.

>> people do it.

>> there's a new study out about p peeing in the pool. what was that noise?

>> have you ever peed in the pool?

>> this is from the movie "grown up." it says if you pee in the pool the water will turn.

>> you know they put a chemical in the pool that turns urine blue?

>> no. that's an old wildfire's tale.

>> oh my gosh. you're humiliating me.

>> shame is a beautiful thing. nobody feels it anymore.

>> there's actually a reason you should not urinate in the pool. i don't like saying pee. i don't know why.

>> i'm not that crazy about urinate.

>> researchers at purdue and china agriculture studied what happens when urine meets water containing chemicals. something happens. explosion.

>> the acid in the urine reacts with the clohlorine that affects your organs. i'm going to throw in.

>> remember ryan admits he does it all the time and has for his entire career. it's not somebody that admits it. previous studies done by -- pick a kwcouple of universities --

>> this is important.

>> this is what you need to understand. swimmers typically and this is in quotes, drip out. think about it. as much as two shot glasses of urine when swimming. why don't you go home and do a little test. see what two shot glasses look like. you'll swim in the ocean for the rest of your life. you'll avoid the pool.

>> you've never peed in the pool?

>> never. not going to now.

>> look. i understand --

>> you used to think the chlorine kills everything. going to end with a cute picture of a rare penguin born at the tennessee zoo. this is a penguin though it may not look like one. looks like a turkey.

>> looks like a sloth.

>> looks just like a sloth. i know my sloths.

>> is it really a penguin?

>> it's an african black footed penguin , endangered species . he weighs five pounds. he looks huge in the corner. everything is in perspective.

>>> i want to wish a very, very happy birthday to 4 years old, bambino. stop it. love of my life . i'm sorry frank. he's also the love of frank's life. what do we want to do? there's bambino.

>>> the aquarium in the smokeys of gatlinburg tennessee. they're going to have a contest to name the baby.