TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

Do you remember your first surf on the Web?

TODAY contributing editor and digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong looks back at some Internet game changers as the World Wide Web celebrates 25 years of connecting us all.

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>>> remember all the scratching sounds and beeping you heard when you dialed the internet? "you've got mail," surfing the web for the first time or what about online dating ?

>> well, we have come a long way since then. the world wide web celebrating you 25 years of connecting us all. here with a look back at some internet game changers and what you must have now is "today" contributor, mario armstrong.

>> good morning. good morning.

>> changed the world for sure. what are some of the top websites you feel have allowed us to connect?

>> number one,

>> yes.

>> the web. you have heard of t you think it is obvious answer. but like this gave you access to information for anything. so if you wanted to learn a new language or figure out where your going to move or travel, changed the internet in terms of accession the information. secondly, talking over 800 million websites today are on the internet. part of that is largely due to a website called word, which makes it very easy for people that don't have a lot of technical skill to make a website. you are look ac at bunch of different templates here.

>> very cool. so now, sites and apps that are family friendly that people really need to know about.

>> yes, my favorite one is called double dutchry. now, this is a clothing swap that's done online. so basically, you take old garments or old sports gear from your kids that they aren't using anymore, outgrown it put it in a box and then you can put -- take the pictures, postit up on here of what you actually have to offer.

>> great idea.

>> and it's amazing. like this lacrosse equipment, usually $120. $16.

>> i have tons of hockey equipment i got to load on this

>> the idea, like a swap. so you give but you also have to --

>> you get points?

>> that's how you can get.

>> great for recycling.

>> landfills a great husband and wife team that came up with this.

>> okay. a lot of ways to make videos nowadays. vine is one of al's favorite.

>> yes. yes. vine is awesome. that one is called jump cam. the difference with jump cam, is it allows people to contribute to the video. so you can start a video and then other people can actually add on to that clip. so it's collaborative video, which is new and different. this is a video of a bunch of pets, dogs, from different people. you will see the different people that have been uploading videos as it moves through the timeline.

>> almost like a video chain.

>> good words, al.

>> thank you. spray cast.

>> for video conferencing , do this for family or actually want to put up, say, i did a thing on a seminar at one point, waiting for it to come up here, the whole idea is you can have four people on the screen at once. you can see here, here's two you can do the chatting, do all of that stuff, and you can make it private for your family, if maybe your family's across the country and just want to connect over the air waves.

>> okay. let's start with some smart home selections really quickly, i guess, just real quick.

>> smoke detector protection, this is --

>> google just buy nest?

>> google did buy nest. this is amazing, the newest in smoke detection what you would see, you would get alarms, lighting and not the loud beeping, you get a human voice .

>> we got more information about this on our website,

>> mario, thanks.

>> thanks so much.

>> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> an unusually great episode.

>> saying a lot.