TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

Healthy tips to tone up for summer

As part of TODAY’s “6 Months to a 6-Pack” challenge, nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy join TODAY to test some participants’ food and fitness smarts.

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>>> with our special series, six months to a six pack challenge, helping three viewers slim down and trim up for summer them start third weight loss journey ten weeks ago with us and today, going to test their six pack smarts in the minute to thin it competition.

>> here to help out, nutritionist, joy but aer and fitness chair, jeff haller. good morning, everybody. ralph , i don't recognize you with your shirt on.

>> i know.

>> every opportunity to see those abs now. i love it.

>> yes. so, how we doing?

>> this is unbelievable. first up, we have kelly, she started at 177 pounds, she is now 148, she has dropped 29 pounds and she has trimmed six and a half pounds off of her belly.

>> that is awesome.

>> tamara started at 178, she is now a 158, dropped 20 pounds and trimmed six inches off her belly and ralph started at 200 pounds, he is now 171. he has dropped 29 pounds and he has trimmed ten inches off of his thank belly.

>> we believe you. we believe you.

>> joy, how long has it been now since we started?

>> just about ten weeks.

>> incredible.

>> they look like new people.

>> the challenges this morning, do some food and some fitness. this is our minute to thin it, start by having them make a sandwich. explain the rules.

>> so they have 60 seconds when we start the clock, what they are gonna do is grab their trays, head over to that table and load up on things that will help them blast their abs. now, some of these items will work for you and some will work against you, so they have to be very, very strategic and selective. are you guys ready? all right.

>> time on the clock.

>> on the clock.

>> away we go.

>> grab your trace. let's go.

>> grab the trays.

>> oh, oh, what happened to ladies first, ralph ?

>> okay.

>> the meat, bread. looking good.

>> the wrap.

>> go for the fingers. just get in there.

>> okay. joy, should we be looking for here? any hints?

>> i'm gonna wait until they get to their tables, because --

>> excuse my fingers. very clean.

>> i like that they are piling on the vegetables.

>> i like that tamara went for instead of the bread. i think --

>> oh, mustard. ralph , very low cal. and hall pine knows, anything with hot sauce will rev your metabolism.

>> good choice, too.

>> blast the belly fat . balsamic. okay.

>> okay. time for the assembly process .

>> okay.

>> so, it's --

>> 100% whole wheat wrap. i love that you have to be careful with wraps though, because some of them can be oversized. [ buzzer ]

>> oh.

>> we will let you take the lettuce.

>> my goodness. okay.

>> they are still assembling here, i guess we will give them a couple extra seconds.

>> love that tamara skipped the bread and making a sandwich on port bell last. why did you pick the jalapenos?

>> because you had said that the hall pine knows, something about the spice or the -- helps to stimulate your --

>> metabolism.

>> with ralph , i got to say, he picked the wheat bread it did not say whole wheat bread .

>> oh.

>> a little bit --

>> i know.

>> people make that mistake. i'm going to declare the winner tamara , lowest calorie and packed with some metabolism revving and she gets a lunch box . lunch box .

>> fantastic.

>> all right, guys, no celebration time. move on to the fitness challenge with jeff here. off minute to come up with two exercises, right, jeff ? explain the rawls here quickly.

>> very quickly, you guys have a bunch of household objects to use to put together some exercises. look, just because you're at home doesn't mean you need to have a home body. you can have a brick house , okay? so, let's get to it.

>> on the clock, guys. two exercises.

>> go ahead.

>> all right. i like the duffel bag already being picked. detergent. a nice, heavy household item, the nice thing about detergent bottles, actually have some weight to them.

>> ralph creative with the books. very impressive. not quite sure what tamara is up to here. all right. like this. so, tamara is doing a whole body exercise here and loading herself with the detergent, nice, heavy object. ralph is being a total stud, show off. and i actually love what you have here, russian twist with the detergent, doing it with body weight isn't enough, adding a little bit of resistance is really good. so, doing a second exercise or keeping it to this one?

>> what is the other exercise?

>> i love the first one and i do have my opinion on that. we got the -- the bungee over here. bun jesse are a great tool, everybody's got them in their garage, rear foot elevated, split squat here and ralph is still doing pushups. so, i was gonna say, ralph , come on. [ buzzer ]

>> a curl over here.

>> so i think that i definitely have my winner. i'm actually gonna go with tamara .

>> the sweep!

>> tamara and the reason -- the reason for that is tamara went for some big bang moves, she did a whole body moves, loading herself up with the detergent. awesome, awesome job.

>> kelly, tamara , ralph , thank you so much.

>> tamara , well done.

>> you are looking amazing.

>> too much showboating from you, ralph .

>> see those abs next time. if you're doing the six months to a six pack challenge, let us know how you are doing at home by using the hashtag, six pack.

>> more of joy's ab blast sandwich recipes, go to