TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

Cyber celebration: World Wide Web turns 25

It’s hard to remember a time without the World Wide Web, which turns 25 today. It’s an invention that forever changed our world, in ways we could never imagine. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> at 8:41 on this 25th birthday of the world wide web . it's an inveries that forever changed our world in ways we never imagined. here's nbc's stephanie gosk.

>> reporter: in 1989 , the berlin wall came down. a pivotal moment in history. but the video didn't go viral. no one like it on facebook. and the hash tags wallgone or nomorewall were never written. it was the year the world wide web was born.

>> there is no way that any of us working on that could dream that it would become this big.

>> reporter: tim berners-lee invented the web and one thing the computer scientist is very quick to point out.

>> the web is not internet.

>> reporter: a common misconception, actually. the internet is just a network of connected computers around the world. the world wide web allows those computers to share information. think of the web as one of the languages computers use to talk to each other. the web made the internet more accessible, changing the ways we used personal computers . developers to started coming up with websites where all sorts of information could be shared. with the advent of apps and smartphones, the web can now do just about everything, from everywhere, deliver news, foster friendships, sell groceries, give medical advice , find love.

>> at this point, it's hard to conceive of our life without the web. we wouldn't even recognize it.

>> reporter: imagine a world with no membweb. i'm a tour nist new york city looking for a restaurant. so, what do i do? got to find a magazine. yeah, hi is this the city grill? yeah, can i get directions? no. i have no idea where i am.

>> there are these generations of digital natives that have grown up just assuming that anything they want to snow at their fingertips i.

>> reporter: do you know what this is?

>> not at all.

>> do you know how the phone book even works?

>> not really.

>> usually use the computer.

>> reporter: the phone book is now a relic, all but forgotten. and that's fun innic thing about really great technology like the world wide web . do gets harder and harder to imagine life without it. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york.

>> feel so old.

>> true, but it is amazing there are people out there who have no idea how we grew up and the things we dealt w

>> the idea before google, it was the encyclopedias.

>> encyclopedia britannica in my living room.

>> reference books.

>> goes over to carson.

>> exactly.

>> carson is our master of the web.

>> what is encyclopedia. no i had those too actually. yeah, so we are telling you, 25 reasons we love the web. go to to read those. asked friends and family to chime n i love how ease it is to stream and download music . hoda says my favorite thing about the web is googling ex-boyfriends while i pretend to work. my second favorite thing about the web is the clear history button. we all love that part of it sir richard branson writes, i love social media and hope to share my thoughts and listen to your views online and who knows, maybe al roque letter let me tweet the weather from the moon. glimpse into the future.

>> only if he lets me come along.

>> all right, guys, go to for more reasons why we love the web and send youryours, #orangeroom.