TODAY   |  March 12, 2014

Comedian in hot water over snake prank

Jimmy Failla, a comedian and former New York taxi driver, is in trouble with city taxi regulators for picking up passengers and pointing a python in their direction, and recording their horrified reactions.

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>>> you probably heard of snakes on a plane , but how about snakes in a cab? [ screaming ]

>> a former new york taxi driver and comedian in trouble with city taxi regulators for this prarng that he has been pulling on unsuspecting new yorkers. he picks up passengers, points the live python in their direction and then records their who are fried actions. he says he hasn't worked as a cabbie in years an after this stunt, he may lose his license, in fact. and in case you are wondering, he has not charged the passengers for those rides. you do that to new yorkers, you may lose more than your life. that is crazy.

>> i hate to be the --

>> it's funny until someone jumps