TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

‘Princeton Mom’ to young women: Don’t wait to mate

Susan Patton became famous when she wrote a letter to the Princeton newspaper telling women it’s important to find a husband while in college. The “Princeton Mom” advises women to apply the same enthusiasm they have about careers to finding love, saying they’re likeliest to find suitable mates while still in school.

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>> this is "today" on nbc.

>>> susan patton, the princeton mom, sparked a firestorm last year when she wrote for young women that finding a husband in college is just as important as getting good grades.

>> her letter to the daily newspaper went viral with more than 100 million hits. she made a controversy, baby. that message is the subject of a new book called "marry smart." and we're delighted to have you here. it is a bit of a reunion.

>> we just had babies 22 years ago and our breasts were not where we liked them. great to see you. this is what i loved about what she said. if you took it out of context, you were going to get angry. but if you kept it -- she said this is for women who want to have children and be married some day.

>> exactly.

>> it was not for all women.

>> it is not a condemnation of any woman who doesn't want to have kids.

>> what were you advising women to do?

>> what i'm advising all young women to do is if you know that you want children in your life --

>> you usually know that.

>> i think you know that.

>> you any that in your late teens, mostly by your 20s, you have to plan for your personal happiness with at least the same dedication and commitment as you're planning for your professional success.

>> that's wise. why wouldn't you?

>> you say the pool of men in college --

>> you'll never have this concentration of extraordinary men to choose from as you do when you're in college. they're age appropriate, they're single, they're like minded and as any young woman who is post college knows, it is so hard to meet people in organic, wholesome, reasonable --

>> other girls met their husbands in college.

>> were you surprised at the backlash. it was incredible.

>> you think?

>> you hit a nerve.

>> you did.

>> i did hit a nerve. i know in a way i'm tapping at the dark spot on the x-ray saying, girls, come on, you can't wait forever, you're not going any younger.

>> this is a hypocrisy of it. we say we're all for feminism, about choice, until we disagree with somebody else's choice. who are we to disagree with someone who wants to stay home and have a family and stay married. that's their choice and god bless them. ph.d. great lakbreakthroug through the gla ss ceiling, bless you too.

>> why would we make young women who feel guilty?

>> i think it is interesting, you were speaking before a group of young women and you found when they perked up, when you were talking, it was about when you were talking about family, not about career.

>> no. they heard enough about that. enough about that.

>> to many of them, bought all that hook, line and sinker, never asked the questions you're saying and they could say wake up and their clocks are going and they go wait a minute, where are the men?

>> where are the men? i have to have a baby. if i don't do it this year or next year, i may not be able to do it because there are distinct limitations on their ability --

>> is there a pendulum swinging? do you think more and more young girls are look for a family.

>> i hope so. the hookup culture is not helping. i'm telling young women , do not, do not, do not enter into these kinds of relationships.

>> don't give yourself away. nobody buys the cow when you give away the milk.

>> and while we're in the barn yard , i'm also telling women, stay away from the pigs for the sake of little sausage. that's not good either.

>> oh. right back down.

>> why are we yelling? you can find it in her book, go to

>>> tomorrow, the