TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Billy Eichner yells at KLG, Hoda during on-air quiz

Comedian Billy Eichner has a funny, in-your-face interviewing style on his Fuse TV show, on which he asks random people pop culture questions. He gives KLG and Hoda a names quiz: Celebrity child or Kentucky Derby winner?

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>>> the next time you're walking down the street, keep your eyes peeled for the guy sitting next to us or you might be his latest target.

>> his name is billy eichner from "funny or die billy on the street" and his style has folks laughing. take a look at this christmas time episode.

>> sir, do you want to sing christmas carols with me and amy poehler .

>> that's okay. dashing through the snow dashing through the snow

>> not no. snow.

>> snow. the man will not say snow.

>> you're crazy. he's here with us. he was on earlier today. stuck around for us. thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> you have a unique style, we should say.

>> that's one way to put it.

>> so do you guys. this is one of my favorite shows. i'm so happy to be here. this is like my "breaking bad." i'm not even kidding. everyone who knows me knows this. this is a big moment for me.

>> sometimes you take celebs on the street and you yell at them, which i find hysterical.

>> i do.

>> they're honored. they're adored and --

>> sometimes people don't even recognize them.

>> what?

>> it brings them down a notch. i like to do that.

>> how do you get celebs to do this? is that paul rudd ?

>> that's paul rudd .

>> i love him. me and a woman are bouncing there. that's joe mchale. there is lena dunham. we have a lot of great guests this season.

>> upcoming episodes.

>> how do you entice them to do this?

>> we had a lot of nafans in the comedy community. i haven't gotten meryl just yet. but she's coming.

>> daniel day -lewis.

>> daniel day -lewis loves me. can't get enough of me.

>> how does it work?

>> sean penn .

>> yeah, sean penn .

>> you're with a celeb on the street. what do you do?

>> we run up to people, we ask all kinds of crazy suggestive pop culture questions. it is a game show but they only win if they agree with my opinions about pop culture .

>> i saw you take pink on a --

>> we were dangling up in the air.

>> how did you breakthrough?

>> i started showing videos at my stand-up shows in new york and i put them on line at funny or die. and --

>> we have to do one.

>> you have to do a funny or die video.

>> we're going to play a game.

>> i have a game to play with you. this is not subjective th.s this is a fact-based game. it is called celebrity child or kentucky derby winner.

>> that's right up our ally.

>> i'll give you a real name . you tell me if it is a name of a recent celebrity 's child or a kentucky derby winner. my show, regis and kathie lee , my favorite show --

>> i thought you said this was your favorite.

>> i thought you were regis. i'm so sorry. wait. we have to play a game.

>> all right.

>> celebrity child or kentucky derby winner. i'll say a name. 30 seconds on the clock. tell me if it is celebrity child , celebrity child , kentucky derby winner, you say --

>> 30 seconds on the clock.

>> it is already down to 20.

>> inspector.

>> no, celebrity child .

>> war admiral .

>> derby.

>> yes. blue angel .

>> celebrity child .

>> correct. winter green?

>> derby.

>> correct. dust commander .

>> derby.

>> yes, correct. diva muffin.

>> celebrity child .

>> correct. that's it. we ran out of time. did they get it? all right, they won, they won.

>> what do we get?

>> let's see their prize. oh, for kathie lee we have -- oh, it is kathie lee 's cd, good night angel. oh, and hoda's book, ten years later.

>> you take that and i'll take this.

>> i already have this.

>> how about we give them to you. i'm sure --

>> i'll keep both of them and to very naughty things with both of them.

>> you are hysterical.

>> thank you.

>> you have to join me on the street one day.

>> as long as you promise to yell at us.

>> i will.

>> catch the premiere tomorrow night.