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TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Kyle MacLachlan: ‘Believe’ directors are a dream team

Actor Kyle MacLachlan stars as a wealthy scientist in the new NBC show “Believe,” where he gets to work with the directing dream team of Alfonso Cuaron (“Gravity”) and”Lost” co-creator  J.J. Abrams. MacLachlan says they helped him change as an actor by encouraging him to lighten up the way he portrays the show’s villain.

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>>> he's charming. he's handsome. he's a golden globe winning actor and the best thing, he makes his own wine. talk about the whole package.

>> kyle maclachlan who you loved in " sex and the city " and "desperate housewives" has a new role as a wealthy scientist with questionable motives on the new nbc drama called "believe." hello.

>> i wanted to say something.

>> me on the phone.

>> this has quite a pedigree. tell everybody who is behind this.

>> it is two titans of the industry, j.j. abrams is our executive producer.

>> he did "lost" and so many films.

>> films, new " star trek " franchise and alfonzo coronne.

>> he's our director. he directed the pilot, a visionary filmmaker who brought his styling to the small screen.

>> how was it to work with this guy?

>> extraordinary.

>> you worked with some greats.

>> i worked with some greats. when filmmakers come to television it is something altogether different and special.

>> is that something you're seeing more of?

>> yes, it is. it is a crossover.

>> real movie stars don't do tv and real directors don't, but they find some freedom there, i think, away from --

>> they do. they're encouraged. their vision is really welcomed. so there is nothing in the way.

>> are they changing you as an actor with what they do in.

>> yes, in this role, in fact, alfonzo kept telling me to lighten it up and smile and have fun with it. he's a villain.

>> but we don't want to know that right off.

>> right. he kept going lighter and lighter. i'm like, are you sure? he said, yes, trust me.

>> those are the ones we fall hook, line and sinker for, the ones that are so charming.

>> we're use ed to seeing you in funny roles and now you're playing this sort of bad guy . is it enjoyable for you?

>> a lot of fun going to the dark side .

>> a lot more fun. every actor says.

>> i did quirky with " twin peaks " and then funny with " sex and the city ".

>> it is called range.

>> a little girl is now 10 years old, born with supernatural powers , has the ability to move things with her mind and do things. she's only 10. so sort of -- it is something she's still learning to deal with.

>> she doesn't know why.

>> she's not sure yet there are factions involved in wanting to control that power. one protecting her and one that wants to use her for --

>> and they can be really weird.

>> across the board. geneticists are tough. but that's the basic premise. each week it is about how they sort of manipulate and work through this dilemma.

>> isn't there some guy fresh off death row , he's trying to protect the little girl from the likes of you.

>> yes. new wonderful actor, jake maclaughlin.

>> no relation?

>> no relation. but pronounced the same. he's the irish side. i'm the scottish side.

>> you have a vineyard in washington.

>> eastern washington .

>> we're not allowed to show it but can you say the name?

>> pursued by bear.

>> pursued by bear. there is a great -- it is part of a shakespearean --

>> it is from the winter's tale.

>> you poured a glass for us last time. it is absolutely delicious. it is from western -- or eastern --

>> eastern washington state. we wish you great success.

>> good luck. you're a delight every time you're here.

>> he always takes pity on us.

>> i like when he drops by. you can catch "believe" sundays at 9:00, 8:00 central