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TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

NYC ‘Housewives:’ Fights on show are ‘all natural’

Ramona Singer, Heather Thomson and Kristen Taekman are three stars of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” which begins its sixth season on Bravo Tuesday. They say the bickering you see on-air is organic, but they also have tender moments of laughing and love.

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>>> these ladies prefer to take a bite out of each other on the real housewives of new york city .

>> they're busy juggling but there is always room for a little drama, especially in tonight's premiere. take a look.

>> why did you show up at the door with red roses .

>> why do you think i come home? there is never any food on the table.

>> you're getting married, i'm getting divorced.

>> don't judge me and my husband and tell me i boss him around.

>> just freaking own it.

>> just get out of my face.

>> oh, my god. who threw a glass at her.

>> you know me, i love my ramona pinot. it was plastic. it was plastic.

>> she threw water all over my face.

>> what were you angry about?

>> what were you fighting about?

>> what were you angry about?

>> i wasn't angry. i was drinking my ramona pinot grigio and --

>> who knew? who knew?

>> ramona , heather and the newest member, kristen taekman. now to the fight. go.

>> is this all through it, battling.

>> all organic, not scripted. there is a scene where i -- my hair is done beautifully, like how kristen does --

>> after a blow dry, she got very --

>> i might throw something.

>> it was a major reflex.

>> you get to now see what happens, what unravels from that. that's the idea of the show this season, it is about, for me, intrigue, drama, but about friendship and how women react together. it is about love. there is love. a lot of belly laughs this season on the show.

>> and really interacting differently because she and i last season --

>> hated each other.

>> i didn't like her.

>> she's hard to like.

>> i love her.

>> i felt her smile was one thing and her eyes weren't genuine, but i broke through it.

>> she's moved on from heather and now on to me.

>> on to her?

>> we all get along.

>> we have our moments.

>> we just had one today.

>> there you go.

>> behind the cameras, you see? you're scripted. if you were scripted --

>> why did you -- seeing what you've seen on the previous seasons, why did you decide it was a good idea to join the cast?

>> i feel like why not? heather's actually a great friend of mine. i am actually a real housewife. i am. i don't cook.

>> no cooking.

>> i volunteer at my kids' school, i sort of like do all the stuff with my kids. i'm actually friends with heather. and i felt like why not? life is too short.

>> how is your family reacting to it?

>> you saw --

>> so far so good. my husband and i --

>> both you guys do it because you can promote products. that's part of it.

>> i think i broke that mold a little bit. i already a business, a established business.

>> true face.

>> i know there is a bottle in a bag somewhere. so i think we broke the mold. i think a lot of women use it as a platform to promote things but i use it as a platform to promote a lot of things.

>> organic.

>> favorite word today.

>> natural.

>> you're getting a divorce, right?

>> no.

>> just because you filed doesn't mean you're getting a divorce. but anyway --

>> crazy me.

>> uh-huh. but the thing is, the pinot grigio developed because i lycopeno and my tag line is, it is turtle time.

>> season six of "the real