TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Hoda talks going commando: Sometimes I forget

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss a Vanity Fair/”60 Minutes” poll about fashion in which one-fourth of Americans admit to going commando sometimes. And that includes Hoda! She tells KLG she occasionally forgets her underwear and has to make do without.

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>> hello, everybody. welcome to our show. it is booze day tuesday, march 11th . we're just marching along.

>> 11th already.

>> 11th already.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> we have a couple of the real housewives of new york city today. i hope they don't break anything.

>> they might. they can be violent, those girls.

>> and kyle maclaughlin and relationship advice, wise beyond his years, mr. matthews.

>> jimmy fallon has been having a lot of fun on his new " tonight show ." he decided to do a little photo bombing with with a buddy of his at the top of the rock . he unsuspecting families were getting their photos taken when they were photo bombed by jimmy fallon , and also jon hamm . take a look.

>> all right, ready and three, two, one. three, two, one.

>> that went way better than i expected.

>> a hoagie.

>> this is a hoagie. also called lady and the tramp .

>> three, two, one.

>> i need to see the reaction of the families when they see the photos.

>> that's cute. the genius of him, he can get pretty much anybody to do pretty much anything. it is not the least bit mean spirited, you know? it is great. i'm dieing to see --

>> everybody is talking about this little 3 -year-old boy.

>> a little boy who, 3-year-old who wants to have cupcakes for dinner. okay? that's what he wanted. he was going to make an argument to his mother as to why this was the right thing. she said no, so he went behind her back and asked his grandma and his mom caught him in the act. so take a look.

>> listen, linda . listen. you can have anything at grandma's house.

>> okay.

>> okay then what?

>> then you're not listening to me.

>> you're not listening to me.

>> you cannot have cupcakes for dinner.

>> linda , linda , nothing belongs to you. anything and anything and anything.

>> i'm done arguing with you.

>> i'm done arguing with you.

>> by the way, he calls herlinda, in case you're wondering, because --

>> that's her name.

>> that's her name. but apparently they were at an amusement park and a little boy got lost and didn't know what his parents' names were. his parents said we got to make sure our son knows what our names are. my name is linda , his name is whatever.

>> that's right. when things get urgent and he said, listen, linda .

>> i love it.

>> there is something called whaling. you know how -- what was some of the other ones called? planking. there was planking.

>> they're here and gone.

>> not ready?

>> okay. we're going to do it after the voice, because apparently our videotape guys are chatting.

>> put down your cards. they like to play.

>> that's tonight. now, it is time for whaling.

>> all right. so you know about planking. that's when people laid down.

>> it was ridiculous.

>> they just planked.

>> now there is whaling. have you ever seen a whale jump through the water --

>> it is a beautiful thing.

>> beautiful. people are trying to do these -- six-second videos and defined as diving backwards with one's body in a public or unusual place like the whale breaching the surface of the ocean. let's look at the first one.

>> oh! okay. okay, that's someone on vine named trey lanetta.

>> people didn't know that they were doing it on purpose, they would call a paramedic and that's the problem.

>> okay. so, of course, we tried it. we didn't know what we were doing, so don't judge. let's watch. that was awful.

>> i'm not going to trust you to catch me. i made sure i turned around.

>> you know?

>> may i suggest also that you stretch before you try those. i think i pulled my sacolileac out.

>> we wanted to know what trends people hated. which ones need to go. so the ones everyone hates most were those baggie, low-riding pants. terrible.

>> i'm surprised that wasn't -- that's the most.

>> yeah.

>> the runners up were fake glasses. you know who you are.

>> why?

>> you don't need glasses but you wear them.

>> i can't stand this whole thing, the fake glasses.

>> you look good?

>> i do. okay. i'll wear them.

>> you look smarter.

>> the ones you had on this morning --

>> i had almost everything on but the baggie pants.

>> clogs are out.

>> yeah.

>> i'm not crazy about lots and lots and lots of tattoos.

>> i don't like that.

>> would you get one?

>> i wouldn't but i don't judge a person -- you can't see the person. all you're looking at is the tattoos.

>> where would you get your one?

>> where the sun don't shine.

>> okay. this is shocking. a quarter of americans go commando at least occasionally.

>> that's often. but not on purpose.

>> i do it when i'm at the gym and i've forgotten some of my clothing.

>> why do you forget your clothing?

>> you're in a rush to get out and you don't put everything in your bag.

>> you forget your thong at home?

>> yeah, you forget it. that's the only time i --

>> why don't you wear bigger underwear that is harder to miss? with, you know, like grandma underwear which you'll remember to take with you?

>> okay. now, at what age do you think young girls should wear makeup? that's a good question. what is the right age?

>> by that, i wondered -- i'm talking about little bit of lip gloss and maybe a little bit of mascara.

>> the people in this poll said they thought more than half the people thought between the ages of 14 and 16 was the right age.

>> i think that's about right. i'm surprised that that was late. kids are doing unbelievable stuff by the time they're 7 in today's world. so where makeup seems very -- like --

>> innocent to me.

>> compared to what a lot of the kids are doing.

>> hm has come out with -- they're getting into the wedding business. they have such affordable clothes.

>> and darling clothes.

>> they decided they were going to did a wedding dress . it is a grecian inspired wedding gown , madonna is sporting --

>> are you telling us something, donna, are you going walking down the aisle?

>> we were talking down stairs.

>> this is 99, you guys. is it comfortable?

>> it is really comfortable. i'm actually impressed because you can tell it's flattering on every body type .

>> and has a lot of detail for a dress that inexpensive. i think the only problem is that's the only one that you'll see it coming and goinging on everybody, right?

>> good point.

>> not just a wedding gown . seems like it is good for prom dress, sweet 16 . a lot of the sweet 16 girls look like a hooker more than anything else. you ever watch that show?

>> which one?

>> my sweet 16 .

>> a good show.

>> did you watch the -- why are we concerned they're wearing makeup? my question.

>> did you watch the bachelor at all last night?

>> i didn't watch out bat"the bachelor", i have a life.

>> google it. he didn't say i love you to the girl he chose.

>> give him points for honesty.

>> all right.

>> i didn't see it. i don't think someone should say i love you if they don't mean it.

>> exactly. just a reminder, the question of love, download our pop the question contest, go to, watch the proposals. they're terrific. we want you to pick your favorite. the voting ends tonight and they are beautiful proposals.

>> they are. they're adorable.