TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Get a sneak peek at hot new home gadgets

Nilou Motamed of Epicurious joins TODAY to show off some new home and houseware gadgets, including a cutting-edge rolling pin and a grape and tomato cutter.

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>>> some cool new gadgets that will --

>> get ready for the explosion. they're all part of the upcoming home and house wares show. he had tore and chief of "epicurious" good morning.

>> we decided to give you guys a sneak peek of the products that will be on display. there are thousands of products. we narrowed them down to the top eight we love and are under $100.

>> and we'll see them soon in stores.

>> yes. they're going to be available starting may.

>> perfect.

>> so this guy had to come to us straight from switzerland from the lab where it was made. bodum. this is pba-free and you'll be able to roll out your dough without sticking, that beautiful, flakey crust.

>> you don't overwork the dough.

>> or add too much flour. and perfect. now moving on. measuring cup . you think there are people who use measuring cups and you're crouching down to see if you have the right measurements. can you spoon flour in there, or you're balancing. this guy you don't have to do that. scoop it in. it has ounces and cups. and you can make a mess.

>> so you use it for liquid and dry?

>> these kind ideally are for both liquid and dry. the glass are really only for --

>> this is fun. oxo has two products in july. one is a cup of tomatoes sliced once.

>> that's great.

>> you want quarter tomatoes or grapes. for sangria, let's say. one only and pop it out. i like it. there they are. so if you're making a pasta sa lad for a barbecue. the people at keurig have gotten crazy with color. let's turn this guy on. pop this closed. brew. in two minutes, we'll have a cup of coffee . do you need a cup of coffee ?

>> i'm okay.

>> these colors are new and this orchid color is the color of the year.

>> that's one of the new trends, a pop of color.

>> in the kitchen.

>> especially when people have all white or stainless.

>> speaking of trends, this guy is a big trend. we see a lot of technology in the kitchen. this is my iphone. you can see here, if i'm cooking something on the grill and want to know when it gets to temperature, this guy is at 118 degrees. when it's 130, i want to take it off and rest is 135.

>> so this is a thermometer.

>> yes, ma'am.

>> you can walk away ?

>> you can walk away and read, on epicurious, look up a recipe.

>> fantastic. i like how you slipped that in. very nice. impressive.

>> can you open up the fridge? we've got a treat in there. we're going to be making ice cream the fastest ice cream in the west. this is a product by scheffin. goes in the freezer for 24 hours . you chill your ice cream mix. we did kind of a basic vanilla ice cream mix. you pour that on. and i'm going to make you in charge of this tamron. you're going to do some scraping. almost like a granita. wait for a second. wait for it.

>> oh, okay.

>> for 15 seconds. and in two minutes, you can have ice cream . we started already. do you want to do some toppings for us, al?

>> of course.

>> oh, you're like -- what do you want on yours? sprinkles?

>> i love the end result.

>> okay, try.

>> scraping, scraping, see?

>> oh, gosh!

>> keeping keep on scraping.

>> how much ice cream can you make with this?

>> you can make as much as you want. you're going to have about four servings. and then this one, this is -- i have a problem with bottles. i can never open these. this is a four in one by rio. it's going to be for bigger bottles like this one. so we can open them up. do you want to try? you're strong. do you think it without.

>> i need this. this is fantastic. thank you so much. our producer adam is saying, okay, looks good, let's move on.

>> he's bitter because he wants