TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Foundation offers front-row seats for those in need

Tuesday’s installment of TODAY’s series “Hope to It” spotlights the Front Row Foundation, which works to make prime seating at events possible for those braving critical health challenges.

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>>> now to our series "hope to it" and a new perspective on life for those making critical health issues.

>> the front row foundation gives kids and adults the experience of their lives and a chance, even for just a few hours, to forget.

>> it is every music fan's dream, to sit front row at a concert.

>> we were so close essentially that when he came down i was able to do the high five and get real close to him, which is, of course, something i'll never forget.

>> 35-year-old mandy schneider's dream came true when she was front row at a bon jovi show.

>> it takes that negative energy . it really makes you -- be joyous.

>> joy was something mandy had become unfamiliar with.

>> i was diagnosed at 33 with an aggressive form of breast cancer . i underwent five months of chemotherapy. there were times i couldn't even do baths. i couldn't lift my kids out of their cribs.

>> but for one day, that was all just a distant memory, thanks to a group of perfect strangers.

>> front row foundation is a nonprofit that helps children and adults who are braving a critical health challenge to experience a live event of their dreams from the front row .

>> an avid concert-goer, founder john roman knows the significance of not just sitting front row , but having a tangible reminder of the experience.

>> for about 50% of our recipients that passed away after the experience, the families and the friends get to live that memory on and on and on through the pictures and the videos and the stories that we tell.

>> families like tanner seabomb know all too well how important they are.

>> he was on a whole different level that day.

>> matt and stephanie's son tanner, who had suffered with brain tumor since he was a baby, got front row tickets to watch his beloved broncos.

>> from the minute he got in the front row , he was so intense about the game, and we're standing right behind two players he idolized, champ bailey and peyton manning . and literally, we could hear them talking. we were that close. he was in the moment all day. and we didn't really think once about him being sick or why we were there.

>> how is the game?

>> awesome!

>> just ten months after tanner watched the broncos win their battle against the raiders, the 16-year-old lost his battle with a brain tumor .

>> when he received the news that he was going to be going to the broncos game in the front row , it was almost disbelief and stunned at first. and one of the things he said to us was, isn't there someone sicker than me that deserves this?

>> while the front row foundation can't find a cure for terminal illnesses, it can help provide happiness and distraction, even if just for a day.

>> and to date, the front row foundation has raised more than $1 million to fund 63 successful experiences. if you want to help and get more information on the foundation, head over to we've got all the information. such a cool concept.

>> my gosh.

>> really is.

>> just to be able to provide some release for a little while.

>> have some fun.

>> real gift.

>> yeah.

>> forget about it for a little bit.

>> it's called the front row foundation if you want to look into it. we're back after