TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

‘Long Island Medium’ talks about new season

Theresa Caputo, who claims to be able to communicate with the dead, visits TODAY to talk about the fifth season of her TLC series “Long Island Medium” and shows a preview in which she encounters a man at a wine tasting.

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>> mother of two from new york who happens to be able to communicate with the deceased. teresa caputo is the long island medium.

>> back for season five of her reality show. and she takes her talents on the road to wine country where she connects with a spirit who wants to reach out to her son.

>> so we're standing here. there is a mother --

>> my mother passed away in 2010 .

>> so just know that your mother is taking this opportunity to step forward.

>> we're there for a wine tasting and next thing you know, she is doing a reading on me. unbelievable.

>> she said to me this is my son, my son, my son. that is my symbol that you had a very special bond with your mother . your mother said please tell my son i'm not cold anymore.

>> oh, my god.

>> because she held up a knitted blanket, which means she is not cold anymore.

>> she was in a casket, i touched her hand and she felt so cold.

>> gives me the chills every time. good morning, theresa , good to have you back with us.

>> thank you.

>> how does this talent of yours work? do you -- like if you just -- as we saw there in napa, you're there at a wine tasting . do you see the spirits around you? is that how you're able to get in touch with them?

>> it's interesting. i don't see spirits the way we see here in the physical world . but when i walked in the orange room , i immediately felt a mother and father present but they were separate. and the father energy told me he passed from alzheimer's and/or dementia, unable to communicate in the end. and when i was with one of the young ladies here, i kept seeing her mother following her around. so i said, excuse me, did you lose your mom, which i don't usually see spirits. i thought, this place is crazy in the morning.

>> you're talking about leslie fagan, our stage manager, right? leslie ?

>> yep.

>> did theresa have that right?

>> she absolutely does.

>> and have you ever spoken to theresa before about this?

>> never. and i didn't ask it theresa -- stage managing and putting her in her spot and she got me.

>> what's the feeling when you heard that from her?

>> it didn't surprise me. because i feel my mother 's presence all of the time.

>> wow.

>> this month, more so than of. and she was exactly right.

>> wow.

>> is that the gentleman that lost his dad? okay. did you not get the opportunity to say goodbye to your dad? because your dad just wants you to know that nothing was left unsaid and is more importantly how proud he is of you. he restricted my throat area, so unable to communicate. or more importantly, express emotion here in the physical world . because he actually said to me, please tell my son how much i love him. and i know how much he speaks to me every day. so know that with every thought that you have of your dad, know that his soul is with you at those exact moments.

>> wow.

>> thanks.

>> theresa , when and how did you realize you had the ability to do this?

>> well, i actually thought it was normal. i grew up sensing and feeling things other people didn't. and then in my later 20s, my anxiety had become so bad, because i feel spirits. so they make -- like with that gentleman there, i felt someone was restricting my throat. so imagine being in the store trying to food shop or buy sheets and you feel like you can't breathe. and your throat is restricted. that's what i learned. i learned how to understand what spirit was trying to tell me. or what they wanted to tell you.

>> and it's interesting, because you say that we all see signs all around us every day, and that you don't need to be somebody who has your talents to be able to tap into. you just have to see some of those signs and feel them yourself. so what should we do if we want to reach out to those we love who we lost?

>> just be open. don't discount that coincidence or that odd thing that happens. or try to make up things, like oh, make excuses. embrace it as a beautiful sign and symbol from your loved ones that they're with you at that exact moment. that's the amazing thing.

>> you've heard theresa a million times, people who are skeptical. saying you're making things up, you say things like astrology that could apply to anybody. in this case, i didn't see that, certainly with leslie , you told her something very specific. what do you say to skip it particulars of what you do?

>> i get it. i'm not asking anyone to believe in what i do. this is about being able to embrace life. and, you know, i see it every day and speak to the clients that have had the experience how life-changing it is. and i just feel so blessed and honored to be able to do that.

>> i know you have a wait list of people trying to come see you in long island. and this is -- making a turn here, the season actually, you have some fond moments and lighter moments. in fact, you're dealing with the empty nest syndrome and you and your husband larry get to kind of reconnect, right?

>> it's also from dating again. rediscovering marriage after 28 years of being together. so it's pretty wild.

>> that's a good thing. quickly, i have to ask you. snl, kait mackinnon, long island medium. what did you think of it, did she nail you? how did she do?

>> honestly, i think she did a better me. but my one complaint is her hair isn't high enough. look at me, i would never go out with my hair that flat. it was amazing!

>> she's got the nails, the whole look going.

>> exactly.

>> we'll take it up with hair and makeup at snl.

>> all right. theresa caputo, always great to see you.

>> thank you very much. a pleasure. thank you very much.

>> you can check out "the long island medium" on the road sundays on tlc.