TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Study: Co-habitation doesn’t make divorce likelier

A new study from the Council on Contemporary Families finds that there is little correlation between divorce and living together before marriage.

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>>> what is trending it today.

>> how about this for a new study that could shake up research into marriage over the last 40 years, okay? a lot of couples talking about in this morning. for years, scientists have tried to explain why living together before marriage, cohabitation, as savannah likes to call it, seems to increase the couple's chance of divorce.

>> i call it shacking up.

>> okay. now they found a startling answer. it doesn't. it turns out divorce has little to do with cohabitation.

>> okay. this is really interesting, actually. the study comes from the council on contemporary families. and the researchers say the real question you is should be asking is how old were you when you first started living together. if you move in with your partner before age 23, the study finds you are more likely to split later. but if you move in together later in life, apparently it is not a big indicator of divorce.

>> show of hands then. who here on the panel lived with their partner before getting married?

>> i still do and i'm not married.

>> exactly.

>> over the age of 23. shacking up.

>> for six months before we