TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

‘Billy on the Street’ quizzes TODAY anchors

Comedian Billy Eichner of TV show “Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street” gives the TODAY anchors a sample of his in-your-face street humor, in which he peppers passersby with rapid-fire questions.

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>>> the streets of new york city. comedian billy ikener is certainly one of the most noticeable. and is you have this story.

>> noticeable is one way to put it. yes, billy ikener has new yorkers walking around with their heads on swivel. i could tell you, but it's much funnier to show you.

>> my friend is obsessed with you.

>> o shut up.

>> he is high-energy. in your face.

>> name a singer that doesn't exist. go.

>> george -- holiday.

>> yes! correct. george holiday. what kind of music does he sing?

>> classical. he doesn't sing.

>> he doesn't sing. he's not a singer, is he?

>> he gives true meaning to the word ambush.

>> miss, for $1, true or false!

>> comedian billy ikener hosts "funny or die" where he targets unsuspecting pedestrians. pressing them for quick answers to his trivia questions.

>> name a movie. go.

>> "radioshack."

>> that's a store.

>> and for $1, hide.

>> hide?

>> hide. yes, yes! let's take it. take it. keep hiding.

>> sometimes he gets celebrities in on his act.

>> sir, do you want to sing christm christmas care ols to meet amy poehler ?

>> yes!

>> do you know her?

>> no.

>> be careful. you could be next.

>> you know me.

>> yeah, you know her.

>> you know me! you know me!

>> " streets of new york " got a whole lot more dangerous since that man arrived.

>> what's up, guys?

>> this is the host.

>> name a person!

>> carson can't name anyone.

>> give us $1.

>> what are we doing, playing a game?

>> you know what's funny?

>> al doesn't care.

>> you came in overnight. you hadn't slept. always worried about your energy level . okay. so lots to show this season. the guest list this year in terms of celebrities is outrageous.

>> it's great! we've got neil patrick harris , amy poehler , seth myers . lindsey lohan , olivia wild . a lot of good people on the show.

>> this happens on the streets of new york . people can be a little bit unusual here. how many times have you run up over the three seasons of the show, run up to someone and gotten slapped or something like that?

>> i once got slapped in the face by an old lady for a question i cannot repeat on morning television.

>> in other words, you deserved it.

>> i love when people hit me.

>> you said if the camera was on you, you would run away .

>> i would never talk to me.

>> are you shocked when people do then?

>> you know, it's new york. people have a good sense of humor. they're good sports. and sometimes people like being on tv.

>> whoa!

>> you have a quiz for us.

>> i do, okay. this is a game we play on the show. here we go. here's the first question. are you guys ready?

>> yes!

>> who was the winner of the 2011 mark twain prize for american humor . mark twain , will ferrell , ma lannia trump?

>> will ferrell !

>> you are correct! here we go. 50 cent start in which film based loosely on his life. " 8 mile ." "get rich or die trying ".

>> --

>> i'm not done! c., " love actually ". d., "mr. peabody and sherman."

>> "get rich or die trying !

>> is there a celebrity you're obsessed with you haven't had a chance to go?

>> i have an ongoing thing about meryl streep on my show. oh my god! kathie lee ! yes, kathie lee ! oh, my god.

>> i'm so thrilled to have a fan.

>> this is an honor!

>> give her a question.

>> okay. you want a question?