TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Kyle MacLachlan: Bad guy I play is ‘just misunderstood’

Known for such shows as “Twin Peaks” and “Desperate Housewives,” actor Kyle MacLachlan joins TODAY to chat about his complex character on NBC’s new supernatural drama, “Believe” and gets tested on his knowledge of classic villains.

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>>> golden globe winner kyle mclaughlin is taking a walk on the dark side . he plays a wealthy scientist with questionable motives on nbc 's new drama "belize." good morning.

>> nice to see you.

>> i just ran up here.

>> i know. you're in good shape.

>> i'm not in good shape.

>> not true.

>> tell me about this new drama.

>> we had our premier last night, a show about a little girl , 10-year-old girl, born with these crazy supernatural powers and two factions interested in controlling her. i happen to be perhaps more interested in using her for nefarious reasons. but really the dynamic between those two groups.

>> you know, you're trying to sugar-coat it, but you're kind of a bad guy in this.

>> i'm just misunderstood, that's what it is. it's fun. i haven't been able to play someone in the darker vein for a while.

>> we know you mostly for your humorous roles, " twin peaks ". was it fun to tap into your dark side ?

>> it it is. and the guy is coming from a place of good. he wants to try and do something positive for the world. but the way he goes about it is getting him in trouble. so it's a very complex character. and i'm excited about it.

>> well, talk about star power . we've got you. and also jay abrams and alfonso car doan, "gravity" director. what was it like to work with them?

>> i work primarily with alfonso . i know jj, and he brings some great people into the project. but alfonso really gave the look of the show, the cinematic feel. and he's very specific about his style of shooting. so he's brought his big screen sensibilities to the small screen. doesn't hurt he won the best director award for "gravity." his next project, you know.

>> but i saw one of your tweets where the trailer where you guys were shooting out on the streets of new york city, surrounded by snow.

>> we were on riverside drive there shooting. on the third take i said, yeah -- home away from home. on the third take, i said you might have to loop this, do dialogue replacement, because i can't move my mouth anymore, it was so cold.

>> everybody is done with this winter.

>> done with it.

>> i have a quick for you in the bad guy vein. i'm going to test your knowledge of villains.

>> okay.

>> this first one is really easy. no pressure.

>> watch me.

>> i'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too.

>> yes. that would be the wicked witch .

>> yes, very well.

>> look, i even got a bell.

>> there she is.

>> you guys spare no expense.

>> we're a classy operation. this is harder. i guess i don't need to editorialize between every question. i'm just warning you. okay. why so serious?

>> hmmm. that's a good one. i don't know this one.

>> okay. [ buzzer ]

>> you got the buzzer, sorry. you win some, you lose some. it's the joker.

>> o of course.

>> all right. and before i let you go. you can't miss this one.

>> all right.

>> you underestimate the power of the dark side .

>> oh. yes. that would be darth vader .

>> very good.

>> of course.

>> i just want you to know i put the heavy breathing in there. it wasn't scripted.

>> you're absolutely right. wow, you're good at improv, i can tell.

>> i wanted you to end on a high note .

>> thank you. okay.

>> kyle mclaughlin, great to see you. you can watch "believe" sunday night 8:00 central time here on nbc . which business will reign supreme , the start-up success challenge. all here on nbc .