TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

5 trends Americans wish would just die

Vanity Fair magazine and “60 Minutes” released a poll showing that we’re totally over Ugg boots, fake glasses and low-rise jeans.

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>> must-have items to the trends we all want to end. " vanity fair " asked americans to rank their least favorite fashion items. so what's got to go? number three, that winter stable known as the ugg boot . people are over it. fake glasses finished second. and way out in front, 64% of the vote, low rise jeans. i'm not sure i know what that is.

>> that's my muffin top thing. we agree with that poll.

>> 25% of people admitted that at least occasionally they go commando.

>> oh, that's nice.

>> what about a woman who has to move to another planet if they outlaw uggs.

>> people are very devoted. comfortable.

>> i think they have a shelf life . meanwhile, that is