TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

Jerry Sandusky’s wife: He misses grandkids, friends

The convicted child molester’s wife, Dottie, sits down in an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer to talk about how the former Penn State football coach is coping in a Pennsylvania prison.

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>>> we have a programming note for you. tomorrow on "today," an exclusive interview with dottie sandusky, wife of coach jerry sandusky , in prison, convicted of sexually abusing boys. prison has to change a person, being in that kind of surrounding for the time he's been there. what changes have you seen in him?

>> a friend had written to him and asked him what he missed, what did he take most for granted. and he said -- sorry. family meals. the fun time with the grandkids, playing ball, doing special things with friends.

>> that is dottie sandusky. you can see our exclusive conversation with her, tomorrow, only on "today."