TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

How you can help children in Syria

See a list of charities that are aiding the 1.2 million Syrian children who are refugees, and learn how you can help. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>> natural reaction when you see stuff like that is what can we do to help. and carson has been monitoring that. we've got more information on that this morning.

>> that's right, guys. as you saw, the unicef report came out. the numbers are staggering, as dr. nancy just showed us, making a full-blown commitment across all platforms here at nbc news. let's highlight some again. 1.2 million syrian children or refugees, almost a half million of them in the becka valley in lebanon. that's where we sent jerome, a photographer, down there, to put faces you can see on the board, behind these millions of children. and at nbc, the live documentary is there. you can log on, watch it. here's some of the charities and how you can help. probably the most important information right here, doctors without borders, the u.n. agency, save the children , unicef. most importantly, go to for more. and you can follow the conversation as we're relaying all this information, using this hash tag, #syria'schildren. we'll have much more on this throughout the morning. guys?

>> carson, thank you. our coverage continues on and also right here on "today."