TODAY   |  March 11, 2014

UNICEF reports on dangers facing Syrian children

The casualty rate among Syrian children is horrific, with more than 10,000 having been killed. Children are eating grass and weeds to survive. NBC chief global affairs correspondent Bill Neely reports.

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>> nbc global affairs correspondent bill neely is in the syrian capital of damascus. bill, good morning to you.

>> reporter: yes. for children, this country, syria, is simply the most dangerous place on earth. and the casualty rates are horrific. more than 10,000 children have been killed. more than 40,000 injured. more than 1 million are in areas either under siege or so close to the front line, they can't be helped. and millions more rely on outside aid to survive. in the last few minutes, we have heard explosions and mortar fire . for children, that's just part of normal life . i've been speaking to some who have had to eat grass and weeds to survive, who lost their parents. their stories are absolutely heartbreaking. and i'll have that and a lot more coming up in the next hour.

>> all right, bill neely in damascus. bill, thank you very much.