TODAY   |  March 10, 2014

Busy Philipps: Why I gave my kids unique names

Actress Busy Philipps plays the quirky Laurie Keller on the comedy “Cougar Town,” now in its fifth season and is the mother of two daughters, Birdie and Cricket. She says she and her husband decided to give their daughters nicknames for their real names since Philipp, whose birth name is Elizabeth, is known by her nickname.

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>>> stranger to appearing in successful television shows. more than a decade ago, she played audrey on "dawson's creek" which also launched the career of katie holmes .

>> these days busy is living up to her name, she's a mother of two and for the last five seasons has starred in tbs' "cougar town" as laurie keller . take a look.

>> why don't you take your fancy words back to hogwarts.

>> fine. but i'm moving the basket back first. and i'm moving those pill zbloez n pillows.

>> not happening, powder.

>> maybe i'll wait until you leave to rearrange everything.

>> maybe i just will never leave.

>> you are saucy. nice to see you.

>> nice to see you too.

>> your kids, we talked about you're a mom of two. your littlest one is --

>> 8 months. named cricket.

>> cricket. that's her real name . where does it come from?

>> let me -- a little bit of back story. listen, you can name your kids whatever you want . i grew up with a nickname, busy being short for elizabeth, when my husband and i started to have our babies, we decided that if we wanted to call our kids something, we would just name them that thing that we wanted to call them. our first daughter is birdie.

>> birdie.

>> yes.

>> i like that.

>> and now we have little cricket.

>> look how cute.

>> they're adorable.

>> they're my girls. i just took them to disney land .

>> people use ed to do that in the '60s a lot too.

>> nicknames?

>> tapenga canyon.

>> i feel they're a little southern. i don't know who knows. i like the names. i think they're cute.

>> as long as they like them, it is distinguishing.

>> it is.

>> unique.

>> working and mothering, that's a juggling act, i would imagine.

>> yeah, of course.

>> you take the kids with you?

>> yeah, actually, i had to go back to shooting "cougar town" this season four weeks after giving birth to cricket. which was a little intense.

>> was cricket a big baby or --

>> she was. she was 8, 5, but i was a big pregnant lady. i gained a lot of weight when i was pregnant and had to go back into work, which was tricky, but she came with me every day to the set. i had a baby nurse.

>> such a blessing when you can do that.

>> it is amazing.

>> not every woman can.

>> i know. i would say, if you're going to be a working mom, being an actress on a tv show is not bad. not a bad way to go.

>> "cougar town," fifth season.

>> yes.

>> wow.

>> as you said it, i said wow, it is not about cougars. it is about this place where you all live and the routine --

>> the family, the family and friends, the cul-de-sac crew hanging out, drinking wine.

>> you love courtney, right? we love courteney cox , who doesn't.

>> who doesn't love courteney.

>> as boss too.

>> she's the greatest. i love her so intensely and going back to work after i had my first kid, i was a little bit nervous but i have to say, having a mom on set, courteney and christa miller who plays ellie, so fun.

>> good luck w want a